AOS TV APK 21.0 Download Latest (Ad-Free) Version (2022)

AOS TV is an android application which let users enjoy paid Television channels for free. One of the Best Alternatives for THOPTV and OreoTv.

TV as we know it keeps evolving every single day. If you’re considering cutting the cord on cable subscriptions, you need not be afraid of giving up live TV. Big changes have been made on television with digital live streaming services that shackled Cable TV into outdated hardware.

Streaming TV services can generally be categorised into free and paid. Normally, one would be advised to settle for the paid option with claims that however, much free stuff is exciting, paid preferences offer better content. It’s time we dispose of such mythical accusations and realise that there are free services which are just as effective as the paid ones.

With free TV streaming applications like AOS TV, your viewing experience couldn’t get any better. It’s time you stop paying for entertainment and start enjoying every bit of the industry that you deserve free of charge. Get a full glance of both Indian and worldwide live channels in full HD at the very own convenience of your android device.


What is AOS TV APK?

Considered one of the best live stream TV applications, AOS TV is an android IPTV that supports more than 1000 live stream channels from all over the globe. This exemplary service provider could be your much-awaited travel guide to exploring all walks of life worldwide in full HD quality.

The entertainment industry could not be more exposed for your unlimited access to every popular channel available with AOSTV. Browse through explicit genres such as Sports, Global news, Movies, Religion and even Kids entertainment.

You can now access unlimited streaming content far beyond international borders while sitting, millions of miles, in a different corner of the globe. All this is possible with AOS TV that provides streaming services ahead of its technological time.

Version Info

NameAOS TV Mod
Required4.0 +
Updated onNovember 18, 2022
Size15 MB

Download AOS TV Mod APK for Android, Fire Tv, Firestick and Boxes

AOS TV Mod App grants you access to the best quality viewing for both local Indian and international channels. The APK is supported by streaming devices such as FireTv 4K, NVIDIA Shield, Android Boxes etc.

However, the app isn’t available on the Google Play Store and thus requires you to click on the download link provided below.

Download the ad-free version from below. So, you won’t see any intrusive advertisements in our modified application.


This Android TV is filled with tons of awesome features highlighted below.

  • 1000+ HD TV channels – Enjoy thousands of supported HD TV channels from local Indian shows to famous and international ones.
  • User-friendly interface – Equipped with an attractive interface that is easy enough for kids to navigate through and find their way to popular kids’ channels.
  • Worldwide support – It Supports TV channels from many countries all over the world like the USA, India, UK, Portugal, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, France, Italy, Canada, Bulgaria etc.
  • Live news updates – Catch up on the latest local and international news channels and never miss a single headline that captures the attention of billions.
  • Local Radio – If you’re a local radio fanatic, then with AOS TV, you have a chance of indulging yourself with the best radio stations from all over India and Bangladesh.
  • Movies and Series – Enjoy the best of top movie and tv shows from local Indian and international TV channels that provide much more than a cable subscription ever could.

Live Sports channels

live sports and television

Watch your favourite sport’s league in action for every single sporting event available globally. Don’t miss out on any goal, homerun, freestyle dribble, save or race live and on air. Get the latest sports updates with AOSTV and become a sportsman without having to set foot on the pitch.

Unique filters


Instantly find the channel you may be looking for using the filter option that provides a variety of genres such as Live Tv, Cartoon, Entertainment, Movie, Music, News, Radio, Religion, Sports, and much more.


It provides you with a variety of streaming links for the channels you wish to view. This allows you to move from link to link selecting the quality that best suits your taste.

How to Install AOS TV APK on Android?

Installing AOS TV APK on your android device isn’t a rocket science process as one may think. For only about 15.30 MBs, you can acquire your latest version of the app from the download link provided as it isn’t available on Google Play Store.

All you have to do is follow a few simple steps:

  • Ensure you have enough storage space on your android device.
  • Visit the download link provided to get the APK.
  • Tap on the download option and wait for the APK to be downloaded.
  • Before you install, the APK ensures that the installation permission for “unknown sources” from your settings, as well as your anti-virus, is disabled.
  • Tap on the AOS TV APK file to install the application.
  • Accept the terms and conditions provided for access to the app.
  • Livestream your favourite tv channels and enjoy unlimited access to thousands of entertainment options.

How to Install AOS TV on FireSick and FireTv 4K?

Here I just want to tell you the simplest method to sideload APK’s on FireStick and FireTv 4k, unlike the traditional one which we need to make use of Downloader application and of course, everyone discusses this only.

Before downloading the file, we must turn on unknown sources from the developer options.

Step 1. Settings >> My Fire Tv >> Developer Options >> Unknown sources >> Turn On.

Step 2. Head over to the Amazon Store and search for the Puffin Browser.

Step 3. Now, Type this URL in the search bar and navigate to our download section. Then download AOS TV APK File.

Step 4. Go to the Puffin Browser Download section and click on the APK File.


Step 5. It will take you to installation screen and complete installation from there


Step 6. Again open Puffin browser, then type this URL: to download Mouse Toggle app to function AOSTv properly.

Step 7. Repeat the Step 4 and Step 5 for Mouse Toggle Installation.

Step 8. Now, open the App by going through the “Your Apps and channels Section

Step 9. Enable the mouse service and click the play/pause button on the remote to bring up the mouse pointer. So, you can navigate the AOSTV app wherever you want.

Why settle for the AOS TV app?

A number of online streaming applications may be a form of deception as all they do is introduce malware into your android device. Such apps may ask for permissions unrequired for normal functioning. Imagine a TV app requesting for permission to access your contacts in order to provide streaming services.

Unlike these malfunctional applications, AOS TV is an online live streaming application which does not require any permissions to access your device. Once you install the APK, you’re good to go and explore thousands of channels from all over the world.

Don’t just settle for premature service quality when it comes to TV. AOSTV is suitable for the whole family including kids as it provides the best of animation TV services for youngsters.

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Q1. How safe is AOS TV?

AOS TV is as safe as possible. It does not contain any form of virus or malware that can harm your android device in any way.

Q2. Is AOS TV ad-free?

Yes, the official app contains ads that serve as a source of income to keep it going. The ads are however not annoying and can be tolerated. But, we have modified the app and completely removed the ads from it.

Q3. How to download AOS TV for Windows PC?

Download the same APK file from our download section. Now, Install Android Emulator like Memu on your Windows PC and Install APK on that Android Emulator. In this way, you can use AOS TV on your Windows PC.

Q4. How to download AOS TV for iOS or iPhone?

It’s not possible as it is not available to the iPhone or iOS users. So, you have to wait until it gets released by the developers.

Final thoughts

We recommend getting yourself the AOS TV APK, from the download link provided, to experience the best of this world on live entertainment. With new updates emerging daily, it may take you a lifetime to fully explore the wonders that this app has to offer.

Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to entertainment. The Team behind it is aware of your needs and has put into consideration, everything that you and your family requires to stay happy.

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