PicsArt Gold APK 21.0.5 Download Latest (Unlocked Mod)

It seems that most of these editing apps always bring the same editing potential to the table, thus, making us limited to various basic editing tools. When it comes to creating and editing intuitive content, we need powerful software to handle the processing requirements and provide us with a wide range of editing tools. The PicsArt Gold APK is such a powerful editing application that beats the odds and offers quality, quantity, and efficiency to editing and creating professional content.


What is PicsArt Gold APK?

The PicsArt Gold APK is a premium version of the official PicsArt application, a powerful editing application. Since the basic application limits premium features without a paid subscription that allows you to upgrade to gold membership, one can download this mod to have all the VIP features unlocked for free. Enjoy awesome templates, magic effects, filters, fonts, and graphics with the PicsArt Gold APK.

One should required to login to access premium features such as Premium FLTRs, Full access to all effects and tools (Sketch effect, object removal and face tool), Premium creative elements (3000+ stickers, collages, frames and backgrounds), fonts, video editor, and templates. Also, use VPN service when you find feature not working.

Version Info

NamePicsArt Gold
Size50 MB
CategoryPhoto Editors
Last updatedNovember 18, 2022

Download PicsArt Gold APK Latest Version for Android

Enhance your photos or videos using some of the most attractive editing tools available on the PicsArt Gold APK. The app also comes with fun challenges and discoverable items that can upgrade your editing skills. It is a valuable addition to any Android user looking to edit photos or videos easily on their phones and comes with anti-ban properties that make it safe for any smartphone.

Download the latest version of PicsArt Gold APK from the link provided below.

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This is technically my favorite feature in the application. With the PicsArt Gold APK, you can access millions of free-to-edit images, remix stickers, and replay images that are classified under different hashtags. The different replay images, stickers, and pictures had already been creatively created and edited, allowing you to remix their appearances onto your project. It doesn’t matter what type of replay image or sticker you’re looking for because the options are endless, ranging from weird and straightforward hashtags such as “#shoelace” to professional editing ones like “#glitch” or “#blur.” Anything you’d like to add to your project can be discovered on this platform.



I enjoy challenging my creativity, and with the PicsArt Gold APK, you can test your design and editing skills. Many challenges are created every day for anyone to try. You are provided with various images. Your task would be to remix it using your best blend of editing tools and elements and share your creations with the PicsArt community. Each challenge comes with its deadline, and all you have to do is participate in as many as you desire. You will be provided with guidelines for each challenge, allowing you to explore your creativity in any way you seem fit and using the application’s editing features.


Sometimes we desire something new and exquisite that most editing applications lack. The PicsArt Gold APK allows users to draw using their imagination using professional drawing tools with a similar experience to a drawing app. Users can opt to install PicsArt Color Painting, Drawing, and Sketch application to go along with this fantastic feature. Alternatively, they can select any canvas and start drawing anything they want and adding various objects to their creations before finalizing the editing tools. You can even decide to draw on the multiple photos in your gallery and remix them into something fantastic the world has never seen.

#freetoedit Templates


There are over 100+ templates that are free to edit or remix. You can browse through an endless supply of templates that are updated regularly and choose anything that you’d like to try out for a project. These free-to-edit templates give users a better insight into how specific tools can be used and allows them to modify the already premade content as they please and share it with the rest of the community that edited the same template.

Massive Library of Visual Elements

There are many visual elements to choose and these range from visual effects, filters, stickers, and so much more. These effects are divided into various categories depending on what you prefer to use. You can even insert multiple animations into one video and remix it into something that you can be proud to call your own. There are also special tools for applying desired features and customizing different parts of any image to suit the user’s liking. These features are constantly updated to ensure new and attractive content is always available to help users create outstanding projects.

In-depth Video Maker


PicsArt Gold APK is a powerful video editor and creator that allows users to develop excellent video content on each frame. It comes with classic and intuitive editing tools such as trim, crop, resize and merge various clips providing a flawless editing experience. Users can add stickers to videos, insert their favorite music, pictures, effects, and other elements to any scene of their choice. They can also develop an outstanding product that they can proudly share with the rest of the community or export to their storage. Video editing is one of the premium features that the basic app is exempted from. The PicsArt Gold provides all the VIP editing experience that a Gold member deserves for free.

Amazing Camera Elements

Taking selfies no longer has to be a boring activity that requires you to start editing the pictures from scratch. With the PicsArt Gold APK, you get access to fantastic camera elements that you can add while taking the photos. These include various stickers and effects available for free to transform every short into something unique. You can even change the scene by choosing from various scenic elements to add to the final photo.

PicsArt Gold comes with Ad-free


No ads, no interruptions. Edit anything and everything without coming across any annoying advertisements that have a knack for ruining our editing experience. No popups or video ads either as you create or edit your content.

Final Words

What’s stopping you from training to become a professional editor or designer using your smartphone? Go ahead and download the PicsArt Gold APK application and get started on your journey to professionalism in your editing skills.

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