ThopTV APK 45.2.2 Download Latest (Official)

ThopTv APK is one of the best alternatives for the OreoTv which is completely Ad-Free. So, get your official download link and read the features from below.

The average human being’s daily routine at work has proven to be a major cause of stress in our century, hence the constant invention of new and improved entertainment facilities or software that help keep the sanity in check.


At the end of the hustling week, we thank the stars that Friday has finally arrived for us to get that weekend off where no supervisor will be present to watch us kick back in front of our TVs and enjoy a night of football or catch up with our favourite local and international channels.

This is where ThopTV APK comes in as your unexpected entertainment solution offering you much more streaming options you had no idea that you’d need from a television application.

Kick-off your awesome weekend with ThopTV’s unlimited access to not only 3000+ local and international channels, movies, series, and Indian catchup Tv but also with a stunning ‘no cost incurred’ guarantee.

Yes, just as you’ve read it, ThopTV comes at no price and is available for various devices and not only android ones as specified by other similar television streaming apps.


What is ThopTV APK?

The Official ThopTV APK is a free to use android Tv application that provides you with limitless entertainment from the comfort of your device, whether it may be android, MAC OS, Windows or Linux operating systems.

This IPTV is a legal software application that provides its users with world-class entertainment from international and local Indian channels, to HD movies and the latest Tv catchup or series all at the touch of a button and a steady internet connection.

You don’t need an expensive payment plan for Netflix and chill or Amazon prime to catch that girl’s attention. Get yourself the latest official version of ThopTV and surround yourself with the warmth and entertainment of 3000+ channels at no cost.

Version Info

Name ThopTV
Downloads 1 Million+
Required 4.4 +
Updated on Apri 11, 2021
Size 10 MB
Version 45.2.2

Download ThopTv APK for Android, Fire Tv 4K and Boxes

With ThopTV, you and your family or friends can be assured of a great time in sports, reality tv, fantasy movies, news updates, radio, and so much more than you could ever imagine. Why pay for cable that is limited to a small variety of channels when you can enjoy free top-class entertainment wherever you are and whenever you want it.

Download the official APK latest version from the link below.



Live TV choices on offer

ThopTV offers a wide range of popular options or sites from which you can stream television channels live and get news on the air across India and globally as well. They may include:

  • Jasmine TV: 500+ Indian channels
  • Daisy TV: 200+ global channels
  • Tulip TV: 300+ India channels
  • Iris TV: 500+ global channels
  • Rockstar TV: 300+ channels outside India
  • Sunflower Tv:  1500+ channels outside India
  • Heather TV: 900+ channels globally


  • Over 3000+ channels worldwide on offer
  • Unique live sport channels
  • More than 3000+ movies and series to choose from
  • Web series from your most preferred VOD applications
  • App support for a variety of devices and operating systems
  • Trending Tv series with all up-to-date episodes
  • Your very own option to choose the favourite channel
  • Catchup 7 days a week on 500- Indian channels
  • External subtitle support
  • Full support for MX Player (Download MX Player Pro APK for Free)
  • A user-friendly UI
  • Cast function support
  • Chat support for assistance or queries
  • Cost-free
  • Choose video quality in the Video Player interface.
  • Choose Playback speed from 0.25x to 2x.
  • Create your own account by using Google, Facebook and Twitter to add favourite channel list.

What makes ThopTv so special?

Consistent with a 24/7 streaming variety, ThopTV is an IPTV that stands out from the crown as a special software application designed for every type of device or user to enjoy.

Other Tv applications may only be registered for use by specific operating systems which limit your access if you do not fit into that category.

However, if feel like you may be left behind by the everchanging technology and would like to move on from your expensive cable subscription, then look no further. ThopTV will get you going and help you catch up with the world in terms of entertainment at its best.

ThopTV APK can be supported by a number of various devices that offer live streaming of HD viewing without any legal restrictions, down from your normal android phone, all the way to your TV screen. Such devices might be like FireTv 4K, FireStick, Android Boxes, NVIDIA Shield etc.

How to Install ThopTV APK on your device?

This application is available on our official site and has a storage capacity of 13mb. Unlike other apps, as mentioned before, This IPTV is supported by a variety of OS and not just android. Enjoy ThopTV on your iMac computer, windows or even Linux.

All you have to do is visit the developer’s site and choose the platform or device unto which you would like to download the app into.

  • For android make sure you enable the “unknown sources” option in the settings options while for windows, MAC OS and Linux, you will need to disable the antivirus first in case it blocks their page, which is a false alarm FYI.
  • Press download and wait for the APK to be downloaded.
  • Click on install from your android device or run the installation package on your laptop with your other OS.
  • Open the app and enjoy free streaming live and on air.


How safe is ThopTV?

ThopTV is safe and secure as it is ad-free and thus protects the user from rogue ads that may carry any viruses which might harm your device. There is also online chat support and a telegram one for any safety concerns you may have.

ThopTV follows all the legal terms and conditions necessary for use as an online application and is therefore legal by all means till death does it and its users part.

How ThopTv Works?

There is no rocket science behind the working of THOP TV. All is just hard work of the developer for finding the working streaming links of the channels which are already available on the internet. App itself doesn’t host any video content on its servers.

How ThopTv Works?

There is no rocket science behind the working of THOP TV. All is just hard work of the developer for finding the working streaming links of the channels which are already available on the internet. App itself doesn’t host any video content on its servers.

How to download ThopTv without Ads?

Indeed, it is not possible and no mods available for this android app. If you try to block ads with third-party apps, then you won’t be able to open it and end up with error 1004.

How to download on PC?

It is available for a wide range of operating systems like Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. So, you can easily use on your desktop or pc by downloading the software as per the operating system.

ThopTv vs OreoTv?

ThopTv comes with the Advertisements while OreoTv doesn’t include Ads yet. As simple as that. Still, I am sceptical about how they are managing server charges and all. Want an Ad-free experience? OreoTv is the best app now with almost similar features.

Which VPN software do you recommend?

We highly recommend Nord VPN, Express VPN, Touch VPN for Jasmine TV. And you can use any free VPN for Allium and Thyme and Tulip.

Final Words

ThopTV will ensure you never want to go back to regular cable television. As long as you can supply it with a stable internet connection, it will in turn provide you with an experience you’ll live to remember and tell your friends.

Sometimes, This official app also gives an ad-free experience when the developers stopped them. They often do this if they have enough money for server maintenance.

So, ultimately it gives us a constant live stream without any interruptions form adverts popping up.

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