7 The Best Music Streaming Apps for Android Device in {2022}

Since its inception, music streaming has grown significantly into one of the most preferred ways to listen to music from all over the globe through the internet. We each have our taste for music thus prefer different genres and like various artists to whom we loyally keep up with their creations. There are, therefore, many streaming services that give you unlimited access to the work of your favorite music artist and they come in the form of music streaming apps for Android devices.

Good music streaming applications should provide a giant library of songs that have clear audio quality and are crisp enough for any user to enjoy. It should also come with many other features such as playlists, albums, covers, and many others for them to be considered as one of the best. The following is a list of some of the best music streaming apps for Android devices.




With about 40 million songs in its massive music store, Spotify ranks as one of the top music streaming platforms in the world. It also comes as no surprise to learn that the software has attracted more than 100 million subscribers who enjoy the many features offered by this app on their Android devices such as:

  • Access to music from all over the world
  • A variety of famous artists and albums
  • An opportunity to create your playlist from your favorite songs
  • A wide range of ready-made playlists that are modified to fit different moods
  • Personalized recommendations on playlists
  • Free access to music on any of your Android devices
  • Play any song and at any time

With the Spotify app, you have access to the latest music once released without having to purchase the album. Enjoy a free premium subscription for the first 30 days before you decide on an upgrade.

Amazon Prime Music


Amazon is changing how we find and play the music we love from all over the globe through live streaming it online with the Amazon Prime Music app. The APK is available for Android devices and Prime member gets access to multiple features such as:

  • Find different playlists by genres, artists or among the list of top 50s
  • Enjoy the ad-free version without any interruptions as you stream your favorite music
  • Start your ad-free station by genre/artist
  • Discover new content with personalized recommendations
  • Stream your music library from its cloud
  • Play any music bought from Amazon in any format
  • Import your music collection to the cloud
  • Entertain yourself with line-by-line synchronized lyrics
  • Unlimited access to over 30 million songs

The Amazon Prime Music is an exemplary music streaming app for any Android devices bringing with it all the excitement that only iOS users used to enjoy once upon a time.

YouTube Music Premium


Do you know how YouTube is always up to date with the latest music video content around the globe from various well-renowned artists? Well, the YouTube Music Premium is an Android app that does just that but with audio content instead. Depending on your context, tastes, preferences and the trending music around you, the app provides you with specialized content that is sure to entertain you together with other exciting features such as:

  • Ad-free that gives you unlimited streaming without any interruptions
  • Download and access all the content offline
  • Have your screen locked without pausing your music
  • Use other apps without stopping the music
  • Enable Offline Mixtape to download your favorites
  • Get personalized music recommendations
  • “The Hotlist” section that keeps you updated on the trending content
  • Smart search for songs using lyrics or descriptions
  • Live performances
  • New albums and singles available
  • Official releases from famous artists
  • Discover new content online

Tidal Music


If you’re searching for the biggest streaming catalog ever created, then you’d fall in love with Tidal at first sight. The app allows you to stream your favorite music and discover new content as well as different download tacks and music videos of your choice. Tidal music offers its users the following features:

  • Stream your favorite music available in a wide range of genres from hip-hop and pop to soft and hard rock
  • Create your playlist or browse for one among the many options including radio playlists
  • The highest quality of audio available for streaming for an excellent experience
  • Stream music without the interruptions of ads
  • Get access to music events as a member through live streaming music concerts
  • Easily import your playlists to Tidal music from any other streaming service or the library on your device

Enjoy exclusive music with the Tidal music app on your Android device today.



Imagine getting access to over 50 million tracks, playlists and podcasts as well as personalized recommendations designed for you. Deezer is an excellent music companion for Android devices, as it always provides you with the latest and most popular content that you are sure to love. Enjoy top-class features with the Deezer app such as:

  • Stream any global hit song
  • Explore multiple radio stations, podcasts, and audio channels
  • Get personalized recommendation designed just for you
  • Listen to other playlists available or create your own
  • Browse a massive catalog of more than 50 million songs
  • Discover new and fantastic tracks with the shuffle mode
  • Share your playlist or track collection with many other users

If you’re passionate about music, then Deezer would quench your thirst by bringing you the best and latest music from all over the globe and with a single tap, you can listen to anything at any time.



For the most renowned local music, Gaana serves as the most efficient one-stop application for streaming your favorite Hindi Songs, Bollywood music as well as regional radio. Get unlimited online access to millions of contents in Hindi, Punjabi, English, Bangla Gaan and many other regional types of songs. Gaana offers users quite the exquisite features for them to enjoy which include:

  • Thousands of awesome playlists created
  • High-quality HD streaming of music
  • Non-stop radio hours as well as 30+ Radio Mirchi stations
  • More than 40 million songs in its music store
  • A multi-lingual interface that supports 10+ languages
  • Access to the lyrics of your favorite song
  • Daily updates for music in various regions
  • Access to the music videos of your favorite music

From new and latest songs to classical music, Gaana accommodates each of its users’ tastes with content from Indian and all over the world available for anyone to explore.



If you value music at a fair price, then you’ll love the JioSaavn app on your Android device that not only gives you access to the latest and most popular music radio stations and podcasts, but they also come free of charge. With over 50 million songs all over Bollywood and other Indian regions as well as English content, JioSaavn serves as the best way to listen to any type of music at any time and wherever you are. The many features that come with the app include:

  • Unlimited access to millions of music
  • Lyrics with live sync suitable for karaoke
  • Original shows as well as podcasts
  • A JitoTune page whereby you can set, search and locate customized playlists to use as your ringtone
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Downloadable content for offline use
  • Ad-free without limit
  • Listen on Alexa, Google Home, Chromecast, Airplay, Android Auto and much more
  • High-quality audio at 320kbps

Final words

The above is a generated list of some of the best music streaming applications that have been carefully selected and performances reviewed before being included in this guide. Choosing a specific one for you, as the perfect app, would be impossible because they have all outdid themselves entirely.

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