AeroWitter APK v3.0 Download Latest [Twitter Mod]

AeroWitter App is an all-new Twitter Mod that comes with decent privacy features.

Ever since its founding, Twitter has documented the world better than any other social platform online. Its strength is considered real-time because, unlike other sites, it remains the best indicator of the broader scope of the globe and whatever’s happening within it. It is a valuable communication tool and a broadcasting one used to send messages from the author straight to their audience for effective delivery. The platform provides and also encourages effective communication between multiple parties within a public forum, thus, allowing them to get immediate feedback from potential clients. Since the communication on this platform is open for anyone and everyone else to follow at their will, it promotes openness and accountability in communication.

However, like many other social platforms, users demand improvements and changes to make the user experience more admirable. It could be something to do with the platform’s privacy or settings that a variety of users would want to be implemented for their benefit and that of others. Different versions of Twitter have been developed to accomplish these complaints and offer users a better hands-on experience while browsing through the site. An example of such software is the AeroWitter APK developed by Hazar Bozkurt.


What is AeroWitter APK?

Allow me to introduce you to AeroWitter APK. Being a seemingly new application, the AeroWitter APK isn’t that rich with options but tends to focus on the more critical problems users have on Twitter. It is a Twitter mod that that promises users more privacy and elegance when using social media. It aims to provide more privacy and freedom for users in their chats by removing or allowing the users to disable various unwanted features such as the “read” status for opened messages or the “typing” animation for messages being created. Furthermore, it also allows users to hide view fleets, remove events from their explore tab and much more than you can imagine.

It also provides the standard features and settings of the regular Twitter platform along with its outstanding qualities. Like the typical Twitter application, one can download the AeroWitter APK for free and use its unique features without worrying about getting banned. While the AeroWitter APK is indeed a third-party application, it was developed to synchronize perfectly with the standard Twitter application features and present users with a more specialized and private platform that comes with anti-ban properties. Like its counterpart, the Instagram Aero Mod APK, which has proven to be quite the helpful software, the Aero Twitter is a fantastic addition to your social category.

It is available in different colors such as Blue, Gold, Red, Extra Dark, Coral Pink, Green, Light Tone, Light Purple, and Light Pink.

Version Info

Size70 MB
DeveloperHazar Bozkurt
Last updated onFebruary 13, 2023

Download AeroWitter APK Latest Version for Android

What do you love about Twitter? For many, it would be the freedom that comes with following any topic and getting first-hand information from the authors themselves. It’s a great application but can also do with some improvements. The AeroWitter APK strives for perfection, and even though it isn’t perfect, it provides unique features that are somehow close. The app cannot be found from the play store as it’s a third-party application. However, using a suitable download link, one can access the latest version of it and start following their favourite content online.

Download the latest version of AeroWitter APK from the link provided below:

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Hide view fleets


Fleets give users the ability to use and interact with the platform in an entirely new and different way. Users can share transitory thoughts, which tend to disappear after 24 hours. You can share personal and in-the-moment thoughts with your esteemed followers without any public reactions. These fleets can include texts, images, videos, or GIFs. While the fleets don’t get any retweets or public replies, their authors can see who viewed them, including the accounts with protected tweets. Sometimes, as viewers, we value being anonymous when viewing people’s fleets, and with the AeroWitter APK, this is now possible. You can enable this feature in the settings, and no fleet owner will know you saw their fleets.

Hide read messages


Leaving someone on reading isn’t always about ignoring them. Sometimes I cannot find the right words to structure my reply or maybe caught up with an emergency that forces me to divert attention. By the time I’m done with whatever needed my attention, I tend to forget all about the reply I was to send back. It’s normal for someone to forget, but someone had already seen that you opened the text and read it whenever that happens. However, with AeroWitter APK, you can hide read messages so that whenever you open any of them, the sender won’t know that you did.

Hide typing information


As the sender of a message, it’s always appealing to know when someone has received your message and is currently sending a reply. There is usually a “typing” animation in your chats that appears whenever someone you’re texting is replying. However, some people would rather have this feature turned off. In my case, it gets me anxious. Still, sometimes after a long time of seeing that “typing” animation, I get an “OK” as a reply which tends to be frustrating. Using the AeroWitter APK, we can turn off this feature to prevent people from knowing whenever you’re typing a message.

Remove events in explore tab


How often do you use the explore tab? This feature is signified by a magnifying glass icon and connects you to various trending topics within your region. As we search for various topics, we sometimes come across multiple events that aren’t related to our intended niches, enlarging search results. To narrow down to the specific results, you can remove the events in the explore tab from Twitter using the AeroWitter APK.



You can check for updates from time to time and see if a newer version exists. If it does, you would be redirected to the download page for you to update to the latest version.


Like the normal Twitter site, you can create amazing moments using the AeroWitter APK. Twitter moments are defined as curated stories that explain what’s happening around the world. These stories are powered by tweets and can capture the best things in life or create awareness of something inspiring.


Follow different Twitter topics to personalize the tweets, events, and ads that show up publicly on your profile. If you aren’t interested in any topics, you mark them, and they will be blacklisted. Similar feeds will also not be shown on your profile until you decide to change your mind and follow it.

Final Words

It seems like there will always be a mod version developed for any original application or platform and one that serves to give users the things or features that they desire but lack. The AeroWitter APK is an excellent example of such a Twitter mod. Its warm reception among users has created the need for its improvement and update to see more notable features added to its list. If you adored the app, don’t forget to share, and if you have anything to spare, you can always donate it to the developers to keep the app going.

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