JioTV Mod APK 7.0.8 Download for Android and FireStick

JioTV MOD APK brings wonder to the world of Live TV with exciting features and options that give you the best of entertainment in India and across other regions.

If you’re looking for something special, unique, and appealing, you may have just stumbled upon the perfect article that’ll give you a hint of this fantastic and incredible application.

For all your live TV needs, JioTV MOD APK will be there to see you through every step of the way.


What is JioTV MOD APK?

The JioTV MOD APK is a Live TV application that offers users a wide variety of TV channels at their disposal for their android devices. This application is a product of the Reliance Industries Limited and is among the top competitors of Live TV service providers offering over 600+ TV channels, including over 100+ HD ones. Enjoy free and unlimited streaming with the MOD version in networks from all other telecom operators like Vodafone, BSNL, Airtel and Idea.

JioTV MOD APK brings you a wide range of live TV content from across all regions in India with a variety of genres to choose from, like sports, movies, news, and much more. The application plays a significant role in ensuring that your entertainment needs are catered for at all times wherever you may be.

Version Info

NameJioTv Mod
Size10 MB
Last updatedOctober 08, 2022
Android required4.1+

Download JioTV MOD APK Latest Version for Android

JioTv MOD APK is available for all android devices with 4.1 operating system and beyond. Enjoy watching your favorite shows or movies provided in the many viewing channels in a wide range of quality options. Catch every action and scenery in 720p HD and Full HD quality to make your experience worth it all.

Watch live sports action and follow up on the most popular sporting teams all around India and the globe. Catch the latest headlines with up to date and live news channels that will keep you informed on everything going on around you. Never miss any detail when you settle for the JioTV MOD APK.

While the original JioTV app is available on Google Play Store, the MOD APK version isn’t and thus requires you to visit the site provided to download the APK. The MOD version is also compatible with your Smart TV, Android TV, FireStick devices, and FireTV 4K providing the same exciting features and services across every device.

Download the latest version of JioTV MOD APK below:


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Here is a complete list of official and patched features available to read from below.

Dark themed – The MOD version of JioTv incorporates a dark mode for its interface users. This dark mode cannot, however, be revoked or disabled.

Vmax ad calls disabled – The Vmax Monetization has been disabled, and this allows you to surf through the app’s interface and watch your favorite shows without interruptions from such annoying ads anymore.

Tested on all network providers – JioTV MOD APK has been tested with Airtel 3G, Idea 4G, and even with Indian VPN to ensure you get quality service with the network provider of your choice.

Screen mirroring check disabled – Fortunately, with the JioTV MOD, you can mirror your screen onto another device as the check has been disabled.

Casting for Xposed users – Xposed users are can now also cast, therefore, including them in the company of individuals with access to all the features of Jio.

Small in size


Who would’ve thought that for only 10 MBs, one could get access to the internet’s world of free and live TV entertainment? All you need is some little space on your android device or any other compatible device, and together with a stable internet connection, you are capable of enjoying hundreds of Indian channels accompanied by many other universal shows.

Accessible in other countries using a VPN


Not only does it air live Indian channels, but it also gives users the option of enjoying other universal TV stations such as Fox and Sonny Max, all at the comfort of their devices. However, if you wish to access this exemplary service provider but feel hopeless because you aren’t within the intended region, you’re in luck.

The JioTV MOD APK gives you a chance to disguise yourself and access the software using a VPN. All you have to do is set the location to India, and within the spur of a moment, you’ll be whisked off all over the region, enabling you to access any channel on the app from wherever you may be. Don’t miss out on excitement just because you’re far away.

7-day catch-up


At times, work or other essential responsibilities may cut us off from the airing time of our favorite and most awaited TV shows. Even if it’s just one episode, we feel left out, and that could ruin our entire day, especially if you have no way of reaccessing it and have to rely on your comrades for the details.

However, JioTV Mod gives you a 7-day catchup feature that allows watching your favorite shows within the seven days of its telecast. This way, you can focus on all the other, more demanding matters without having to worry about missing out.



If you’re used to enjoying entertainment in your diaspora language but have to compromise with many different TV applications due to the limited variety of interface languages, then look no further. With the JioTV MOD, you can watch any content in over 15 different languages, including English as the universal set linguistic means of communication. Other such languages include:

  • Hindi
  • Punjab
  • Bengali
  • Urdu
  • Assamese
  • Bhojpuri
  • Gujarati
  • Tamil
  • Odia
  • Malayalam
  • Telugu

Unlocked network restrictions


While the original JioTV MOD works only with the Jio SIM, this MOD version has unlocked all network restrictions. It has been tested and works on various network operators such as Idea, Vodafone, BSNL, and even Airtel.

Easy channel zap


With the MOD version, you can now move to the next or previous channel by just swiping back and forth in the designated player. With this feature, you don’t have to go back to the channels list for the intended channel to switch up.



Picture-in-picture is a unique feature that enables you to watch one channel streamed on the screen while you browse through other programs simultaneously with the sound usually from the main program. The JioTV MOD provides its users with such a fantastic feature where you can watch any content as you chat on social media or browse through the internet at the same time.

Forward and rewind for 30 seconds


As you’re watching a specific show and unintentionally miss a particular moment in the act, you can always take it back for up to 30 seconds ago. Similarly, if you’re too curious to wait for a specific scene in the show, you can always forward it to a maximum of 30 seconds ahead until you arrive at your designated location within the video.

Analytics disabled


Typically, for the JioTV application, your data is always sent to the servers, and this allows them to track your activity. However, with the JioTV MOD version, the JioAnalytics event data sending has been disabled, and this prevents them from monitoring your activities on the application. Your privacy is always considered with the MOD version.

Reminders for upcoming shows


If you’re waiting for a specific show and don’t want to miss it, you don’t have to watch or keep track of every other show before it just to get to it. By then, you would’ve lost interest and piled up exhaustion. Instead, you can just set a reminder that will notify you whenever the channel is about to go on air so that you can immediately prepare for it.

Requires ID and Password


Using the MOD APK of JioTV, you can enjoy so much entertainment from across India and around the world, but you also need the ID and password required by the original version. All you have to do is download the APK, install it, open the app, and after logging in using your friends credentials, enjoy entertainment at its best.

How to Install JioTv MOD APK on Android?

First and foremost thing is; you should uninstall JioTv Official App from your android device if you have installed already. So, that MOD version can install easily without displaying an error message like app not installed.

Step 1. Once you did uninstall an official app, then download JioTv Mod APK from the download section.

Step 2. Open any file manager and navigate to the downloaded folder (If you use chrome browser, then you can open “Download” named folder)

Step 3. Find the APK file and tap on it.

Step 4. It will give another message says some warning regarding this installation. It usually appears when you try to install apps from other than playstore.

Step 5. Go to the settings, and Allow this source option.


Step 6. Now, back to the same folder and Install JioTv Mod APK on your android device.

Step 7. Once you are done with that, open the application.

Step 8. Allow permissions such as Storage, Location and Media.


Step 9. Time to watch something you desired. Choose the Live Tv you want and tap on it to stream.

How to Install JioTv Mod APK on FireStick and Fire Tv 4K devices?

Amazon devices such as Fire Stick and Fire Tv 4K are also capable of installing this JioTv Mod APK on their operating systems. So, you can use it with Wi-Fi network without the need for Jio-Fi.

If below JioTv Mod does not work for you on your Fire Stick device, then we suggest you use our ThopTv App for Fire Stick and Android-based devices.

Step 1. In the home screen, you would see the top menu row. Go there and open settings of the FireStick device.


Step 2. Please navigate to the My device or My Fire Tv option. Select it.


Step 3. Select the developer settings among the options.


Step 4. Click on the Apps from Unknown Sources option.


Step 5. Now, Turn On the option and ignore the warning message. By turning on this setting helps us to sideloads APK file from other websites.


Step 6. Go to the Home Screen of fire tv device and this time select search icon.


Step 7. Type Downloader.


Step 8. Click on it.

Step 9. Install Downloader application to your FireStick device.


Step 10. After installation, click on the Open button.


Step 11. Allow Storage permissions.


Step 12. Now, you can see the settings option in the orange colour sidebar menu.

Step 13. Enable javascript.


Step 14. Select the Browser option from the sidebar menu.


Step 15. Enter this URL: and click on the Go button.


Step 16. JioTv Mod APK will start downloading to your device. Please wait for a while until it gets done.


Step 17. Click on the Install button. It won’t take long.


Step 18. Click on the Done button to get an option to delete the APK file right there. Better to delete it since fire stick storage is limited.


Step 19. Again go the home screen, this time find the Apps and channels section.


Step 20. Please scroll down to the bottom and drag the JioTv icon to the top and open it.

Note: Use mouse toggle app if you experience any unresponsive behaviour.


✔️ Is JioTv Mod Version Safe?

Yes, this modded version developed by Binu. He has known for the best safe mods. So, no need to worry at all.

? Is user name and password mandatory?

Yes, we need a user name and password to watch live tv channels. Or you can authenticate with the OTP by using friends or relative Jio number.

?️ Can JioTv Mod run on PC?

Yes, but you have to install an android emulator like Bluestacks, Memu, Nox, Andy or any. Just install APK on the emulator and enjoy watching sports, tv shows and NEWS on PC.

? Is JioTv Mod App work with other telecom networks?

The answer is yes, but with one condition. Mod app requires Jio id and password or authentication via OTP. It can work with Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, Wi-Fi and even with Indian VPN. So, other countries users can also watch 600+ channels for free.

Final words

Now that you’ve gotten a hint of what the JioTV MOD APK has to offer you, it’s about time that you take immediate action and download the application. Explore the benefits of free live TV with the MOD APK version of JioTV and experience entertainment like never before.

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