Reborn iMOBA APK Part 102 Download Latest Version (2022)

Mobile Legends is an incredible MOBA game with millions of active users battling it out against each other and upgrading their skills, characters, and rankings. However, there are always in-game features that would be locked or require much time, effort or money to access. What if I told you that you could modify your game from all aspects without any paid subscriptions or other forms of expenditure? Through the Reborn iMOBA APK, you can unlock skins, drone view maps and many more customizable features that aim to upgrade your skills, uplift your battle morale and increase your interest in the game.


What is Reborn iMOBA APK?

Mobile Legends fans will always be desperate for skins because they enable players to enjoy the game with a few choices. Unlocking these skins can be a daunting task that requires a lot of gameplay time or real cash that many players aren’t willing to spend. However, some options can allow you to unlock these skins for free, and the New Reborn iMOBA APK is an example of such software.

The Reborn iMOBA APK is an application that allows ML players to get unlocked features for free for their gaming accounts with no bans possible. The app comes with anti-ban properties that enable it to safely inject these skins and other features into your game for free use.

Version Info

NameReborn iMOBA 2022
VersionPart 102
Size15 MB
Last updatedFebruary 13, 2023

Download Reborn iMOBA APK Latest Version for Android

Getting the app’s official version can be tricky because it is usually updated regularly to introduce recent features such as Reborn skins and fix any bugs that may exist. However, you can download the latest version of Rebprn iMOBA APK from the link provided below and enjoy an improved gaming experience that offers much more fun than playing without any of these new features.

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Drone View

What’s the benefit of a wide range of view during combat? You get to see your enemies coming from a distance and plan out the perfect counter-attack or defense, in case they seem much more powerful than you are. In Mobile Legends, a broader drone view would allow you to see your opponent’s character from afar, recognize the type of hero they’re using, and arm yourself with the best attack strategy that could destroy them. Furthermore, it also allows you to find blind spots or routes to use that the enemy isn’t aware of and combine your surprise attack with powerful magic.

A large drone view puts you at a better advantage against enemies, and the Reborn iMOBA application offers players the opportunity to unlock various drone views, including:

  • X2
  • X3
  • X4
  • X5
  • Tablet View

Unlock Mobile Legends Skins for Free


There are only two common and legally recognized ways of unlocking skins within the ML game. You can either endure endless battles and collect enough in-game coins or diamonds as rewards to unlock skins or use real money from your credit card to purchase the desired skin. While not all skins may be locked, the ones seem to look better on our characters but need a lot of effort or cash to access. Many players would like to dress their characters in the most stylish and cool-looking skin but are unwilling to pay for it in cash. No worries! With the Reborn iMOBA app, you can inject any skin into your game for free have it downloaded without spending a single coin.

There are loads of Mobile Legends skins, including the most recent and updated ones that may have been added to the game. These skins are divided into different categories of the type of hero, including:

  • Fighter
  • Tank
  • Painted
  • Support
  • Assassin
  • Marksman
  • Mage

All Effects


Effects are appealing features that stimulate our gaming experience in many ways. When it comes to Mobile Legends, there are different battle effects, each with its own variety of options to choose from. These battle effects allow players to customize their notifications, recall effect, spawn effect and even elimination effect. If you aim to gain these effects from the game like the good amateur you may be, you would need to participate in various special challenges and events, which may take a considerable period to unlock a handful of these features. However, with the Reborn iMOBA APK on your android device, you can access a ton of these effects and inject them into your game for free without any effort. Choose from a variety of the following:

  • Notification: Customize your ML notification symbol with dozens of options to choose from.
  • Spawning Effects: Every time you’re spawned, these magical effects are a beauty to the eyes.
  • Recall Effects: Over 30+ recall effects to choose from.
  • Elimination effects: Every time you eliminate an enemy, these cool effects will come in handy.

More Menu

There are other remaining features found in the “More Menu” bar, and they include:

  • Battle emotes

Choose from a variety of different battle emotes, each of which expresses different emotions and messages. These are better than emojis because they come in various colors and characters for your gaming experience.

  • Backgrounds

Staring at the same background for many seasons can be monotonous and exhausting. However, with the Reborn iMOBA app, you can select your preferred background to inject and change it any time you crave a new surrounding or background.

  • Custom Intros

Your character’s into is a very appealing and intimidating feature to opponents. With this app, you can choose between many awesome intros for your characters.

  • Custom Maps

New custom maps have been added in an improved condition for you to inject. Select fantastic looking maps that will be appealing to you as you play against your enemies online.

  • Analogs and Borders

There are various analog and border designs to choose from, depending on your tastes and preferences.

Final Words

Given a chance to customize their game, it’s evident that more than half of the total ML players take up the opportunity to make a few changes. The Reborn iMOBA APK provides players with the opportunity to do this and much more, including unlocking all skins for free. It’s now up to you to choose the type of experience you’d like. If you’d like to settle for a customizable and modified gameplay that’s awesome, then this app should be good for you.

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