Hacker Baba Free Fire APK v29.0 Download Latest (2022)

If you’ve played Garena Free Fire, you’ve gotten a taste of a premium battle royale game that requires an intense set of skills to beat the odds and survive against many of your opponents who are dropped into an island for survival. Only one player emerges victorious, forcing players to do whatever they can to win. To make it in the pro league, you need to use various tools, such as Hacker Baba Free Fire APK, that are considered efficient for enhancing your gaming performance.


What is Hacker Baba Free Fire APK?

The Hacker Baba Free Fire APK is a free virtual space application designed to provide Garena Free Fire players with tools to enhance their performance. These tools are used during gameplay and include auto aimbots, ESP enhancers and many others to ensure that the player’s skills are upgraded to professional levels.

App Info

NameHacker Baba Free Fire
DeveloperHacker Baba
Size92 MB
Updated onNovember 18, 2022

Download Hacker Baba Free Fire APK for Android

The official version of the app can be found on various third-party sources because, being a performance enhancement tool, it isn’t available on Play Store. You can download the latest version of the app for free from the link provided below.


Menu ESP


ESP stands for Extrasensory perception which is also known as the sixth sense. During your Free Fire gameplay, this feature acts as a skill to help you understand the various budgets, dangers, and locations of nearby enemies on the ground. Under this feature includes ESP Distance that gives you an accurate estimate of how close an enemy is to you. The smaller the figure the closer your enemy is allowing you to stay on guard. There’s also ESP Alert which informs you whenever an enemy draws nearer and ESP Fire to help better detect any shots from your enemies.

Menu Aim

Here, you can include a few tricks to help refine your aim. Using this feature, you can gain maximum kills by easily eliminating enemies. When it comes to Free Fire, the Hacker Baba Free Fire APK allows you to increase the efficiency of your aim making you invincible against your enemies.

Have you ever found yourself trying to aim and shoot at the same time while playing the FF game but instead, you end up dead because as much as you may have had a deadly gun, your aim was off? Well, you’re in luck because with the Hacker Baba Free Fire App, you can activate the options under this feature to have your aim set automatically onto an enemy as you shoot. The aimbot would just aim on your behalf and even move with the target as it moves as well.

Aimbot Extra

Activating this section allows you to enjoy various benefits during your game. For example, you can easily load your weapons instantly once you’re out of bullets. You don’t have to endure the lag reload time that puts you at risk of being killed by your opponent.

Menu Teleport

You may sometimes find yourself running in circles chasing after an enemy. Other times you may only be left with a handful of other competitors in the game but finding them has proven difficult because they’re good at hiding. Using the teleport feature, however, you can teleport yourself to an enemy’s location and find out the exact position they may be in. Turning it back off brings you back to your initial location and allows you to effectively start the hunt.

There is also a fly hack that allows you to soar into the air and glide towards any direction. You can use this feature to perform surprise attacks on your enemies and even dodge cars at times. The feature also allows you to kill enemies while in the air.

Menu Visual

The means of trade in Free Fire involves virtual diamonds and gold. Using these currencies, you can unlock various items to help you in fights against your enemies. However, you’re never supplied with sufficient gold or diamonds to make worthy purchases and this forces people to use actual money to gain more. However, using the Hacker Baba Free Fire APK, you can fill your account with diamonds and gold using zero effort and purchase all the in-game items you may need. You don’t have to feel left out just because you have no way of buying that awesome skin or skill because this app makes you virtually rich.

Menu Extra

Want an added advantage over your enemies? You can modify your camera view using this feature effectively. Here, one can enhance their field of view from the default 0X up to an outstanding 5X. This way, you can see your opponents on the battlefield using a wide range of view. If anyone is nearby, they may not see, but you are guaranteed to see them and better plan your attack.

How to use Hacker Baba app?

  • Install Free Fire app from Playstore. Already installed? Ignore this step.
  • Open file manager app.
  • Navigate through Android >> data folder.
  • Now, you can see the com.dts.freefireth folder. Just rename it to com.dts.freefireth1
how to use hacker baba free fire app
  • Go back and Uninstall the Free Fire app.
  • Install Hacker Baba FF APK now.
  • Now, Go back to the data folder and revert the changes you made in step 4.
  • Play game now.

Final Words

It’s no doubt that the Hacker Baba Free Fire APK provides players with exquisite cheats that allows them to enhance their gaming experience as well as skills. Download the app today and become invincible on the battlefield.

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