NIX Injector APK 1.73 Download Latest (Free ML Skins 2023)

Mobile Legends BB is an exciting MOBA game that has won the hearts of hundreds of millions of players across the globe. With such popularity comes game enhancement tools that are developed to upgrade players’ gaming experience. These tools are normally developed to unlock various in-game items such as skins and increase the skill level of characters to give players a better chance of making it in the Pro leagues. Some of these tools are known as Injectors, and the NIX Injector APK is a superb example.


What is NIX Injector APK?

The NIX Injector APK is basically an Injector developed by Lanzord Nix, a gaming YouTuber, and MLBB fanatic. This application was designed to unlock all Mobile Legends skins meant for each character, including the premium ones that are ever out of bounds for non-paying gamers. It also provides players with extra features as benefits such as the famous drone view, exciting background music, bug fixes, and battle effects, among others.

App Details

NameNIX Injector
DeveloperLansord Nix
Size6 MB
Last updatedFebruary 13, 2023

Download NIX Injector APK Latest Version for Android

To get the latest version of the NIX Injector APK for Android devices, you can click on the link provided and start your download process. However, it is extremely safe to use and effective for enhancing your skills and experience on the battlefield. Download the latest version of NIX Injector APK from the link provided below.

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Simple User Interface

From the attractive loading screen to the main menu, there’s nothing complicated about it. It comes with three menu sections, including the home menu where you’d find the various features for you to inject, the fix bug menu for help with bugs in your game, and the partner section where you can find the developer’s partners to subscribe to.

Unlock Skins for Free


Most Injectors might impress you with one or two hundred skins available to be unlocked at your pleasure. However, with the NIX Injector APK, you can expect an outstanding 400+ skins ready to be injected into your account for free. All skins are provided for every type of hero, including Assassin ls, Mages, Fighters, Tanks, Marksmen, and Support. Even the premium skins that always seem to be locked, and require a paid purchase using real money to access, are provided free of charge. Step up your game and inject a variety of skins divided into:


Unlock Effects


While these features aren’t used to upgrade your skill level, they’re exciting visual effects that are fun to use on the battlefield. Here, these effects are categorised into:

  • Recall effects
  • Respawn effects
  • Elimination effects

There are over 50+ battle effects to inject into your game each different from the other as they take the boredom out of every game. For example, whenever you’re killed in battle, you can use a different respawn effect to come back to life in style with the many variations available to choose from.

Drone View

The NIX Injector application offers a variety of drone views from the default X1 view up to X5 and Tablet View. All of these drone views work on every map in the game, giving you the upper hand in a fight against your opponents.


It doesn’t just end there, and the NIX Injector APK also comes with extras for you to enjoy. Here you can find the “More Menu” option where you get to explore the various features available, including:

  • Emotes
  • Analoge
  • Maps
  • Background

There are also over 10+ maps to choose from; each one is better than the other. You have options such as the Imperial Sanctuary, Western Palace, and Magic Chess. Each of these maps comes with either high or smooth graphics depending on your preferences.

Finally, the background feature has three other amazing sections to it. Here you can change the background view of your game, the intro image, and even inject free backgrounds into your game. There are various songs to choose from, including the famous “On My Way” by Alan Walker. Don’t settle for less when an app like NIX Injector APK can provide you with much more than you expected.

Fix Bugs

Sometimes your game could have bugs that need to be fixed. These include sudden unknown errors, stuck loading screens lagging effects. The NIX Injector APK provides players with a fix-bug option for both 32bit and 64-bit Android devices that allows them to fix all bugs without clearing any of their data. Isn’t that neat?

Game Cheat


The NIX Injector APK is designed with anti-ban properties to ensure that it’s safe to use with no bans at risk. The safest option is always the best one, and NIX provides gamers with more than just safety. It’s definitely a “Check” on my list.

  • Unlock ultra graphics
  • Supreme badge
  • Auto Mytic
  • Enemy Lag

Final Words

It’s safe to say that the NIX Injector APK is an exciting opportunity for MLBB players to take control of their gaming experience and add a touch of pro-level skill. While it might not be known to most players, its reputation precedes it, and sure enough, it will grow into a lovable and popular tool in the future.

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