6 The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Device in {2022}

Android smartphone cameras in the 21st century have proven to be quite competitive since many of them offer better performance qualities for images as compared to entry-level digital cameras. These smartphones can take exemplary camera shots of anything and at any place and in some of the best qualities available while even enhancing the results through the use of AI-based features and functions.

While amazing camera pics seem satisfactory, many individuals prefer going the extra mile to explore their editing skills on these images to give them a unique and exquisite feel, which is better than the original photo.

Thus, many editing applications have been developed to help curve the high demand for better editing tools and software used in Android devices that can spice up images. The following are some of the best photo editing apps for Android devices that have been tested and proven to be exemplary software.




This is one of the most popular and the best photo editing application designed for Android devices. The app was first well-recognized a few years back when there were heavy restrictions on the number of features and filters that were available to the end-user for free.

At the time, PicsArt was rich in such features and, thus, became the heart of many Android editors. It is an application that is continually growing with new and improved versions that have transformed it from a mere editing app to a massive platform from which many editors can connect and share their edited creations with others.

PicsArt is designed to provide users with the best editing tools for excellent results while putting in the least effort. The app comes equipped with auto styling toggles that do all the work for you and adjust the necessary but ignored features such as brightness, exposure, and saturation, leaving you to add your filters and play about with other extras.

There are also many frames and filters for making each picture unique and attractive. While there is a purchasable “Gold” mode that gives you access to thousands of other aid apps, one can make good use of the free version.

Adobe Photoshop Express


In second place on our list is one of the most renowned editing software available on the market. Photoshop is a well-recognized software installed on many windows or Mac computers and provides a broad platform through which large-scale editing tools can be accessed for both pictures and videos.

However, since Android devices have limited resources, the entire foundation of a fully-pledged Photoshop software used on PC cannot be ported to them. Adobe thus stepped forward and came up with their version of Photoshop for mobile phones, and although the services cannot be compared to its desktop counterpart, it has undoubtedly surpassed many other so-called Android editing apps.

Adobe Photoshop Express gives users access to a variety of raw editing options that are beyond the reach of any other editing application available for smartphones. If you’re only interested in the basics that involve cropping, straightening and rotating or flipping your photos, then you can do all that on the Adobe Photoshop Express.

However, if you want to do much more and explore the detailed possibilities with editing, then you can refer to its many features, such as the blemish tool and many others. Find it free on the Google Play Store.



Snapseed is an editing application available on the Google Play Store and is one of the most seamless ways to edit your pics professionally. The best thing about this app is that it is built for everyone despite your level of editing skills. For those who lack the time and expertise to spend hours editing a picture, the app provides you with robust AI-based auto-fix modes that automatically edit your pics to give the best results through filters.

Effects and light adjustments. For those who spend most of their time editing, the app provides over 30+ different tools and options to choose from, making the perfect blend of filters and effects suitable for your pics.

The app also has a content-aware similar to the one on Adobe Photoshop Express that is capable of patching up selected points within your image without distorting the final result. There is also a unique HDR mode feature along with film gain control and also the opportunity to add vibrancy and retro effects with many others.

You can even create awesome presets that would be auto-applied to all your photos. With countless features and options to explore, Snapseed is entirely free and has no ads.

Inshot Photo Editor Pro


The Inshot Photo Editor Pro is one of the best photo editing apps available on Android devices. It is an improvement of the original version that allows you full control of the features and services offered on its UI.

Blur any part of your photos or trim and cut them out using the blur and crop tools to make them fir for posting on any social media platform and win as many likes possible. You can also add as many stylish layouts with a variety of filters for each grid.

With the Inshot Editor Pro, you can turn any of your pictures into the pro version of yourself, and all you need are hundreds of tools and options which come preinstalled into the app. Play with the many collage filters and add unique photo frames to all of your pics making them look even more attractive as they are beautiful without them.

You can also add particular texts and stickers to the images giving them that fun and exciting feel when someone takes a look at them. With such an app on your Android smartphone, you wouldn’t even need a PC to “professionally” edit any of your pics in quality style.

Adobe Lightroom


Introducing another one of Adobe’s photo editing apps that provides all the necessary tools required for professional photo editing. It contains a subset of Photoshop’s features that are designed to assist the contemporary photographer.

With a wide range of image manipulation tools, the Adobe Lightroom might be the solution to all your editing requirements. Control the tones of your picture selectively while adjusting the hue and saturation of each color you desire. With these effects, you would be capable of creating that cinematic feel and orange look in many photos as well as videos that keep winning various awards.

It is much more than your ordinary photo editing application as it enables you to import, organize, manage, and even find your images within the targeted Android device. You don’t also have to worry about forgetting to save your work as all your edits are automatically kept in your software catalog.

Adobe Lightroom beats Photoshop when it comes workflow as you can create collections, move multiple images around the hard drive, print books, create slideshows, share your creations directly on Facebook with ease and add keywords. You can also copy or sync your edits to multiple pics at once with ease.

LightX Photo Editor


If you’d love to edit your pics using various advanced editing tools such as color mixing, curves, vignette effects, and levels, then the LightX Photo Editor is the app for you. It is an exemplary photo editor that is free for all Android devices and is used to make photo collages, add many frames to different pictures, tag them with stickers, change the background create a variety of cartoons and caricatures, change hair color, merge pics and add color splash among others.

As the name suggests, LightX is mainly about the light surrounding your pictures. You can change the brightness, adjust the contrast, control the exposure, saturation, add shadows, hue, and the many highlights included.

Take the perfect photos and selfies and use the auto and manual mode to smooth sharp images. You can also whiten your teeth to give you that ideal Mona Lisa smile while blurring the backgrounds of your pics to concentrate more attention on you.

Use the refine tools to shape your body features and the reshape tool to acquire different cartoons and caricature effects. Redo the functionality in all tools and change the backdrop of your images with one touch with the LightX Photo Editor.

Final words

Using any of the apps which we have showed in the best photo editing apps list above, you are capable of transforming your picture into art without the need for a high-spec PC for processing. You can choose the editing app according to your editing requirements and how deep you’re looking to explore the many tools available in stock today.

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