Vanced Music APK 4.64.51 Download (YouTube Music Premium)

YouTube Music is well known worldwide for its extensive music content collect from regions all over the world. Not only does this application provide you with exciting music content, but also its relevant video content for streaming. You can choose to stream your content in audio or video mode and access many other creative playlists created based on every user’s streaming habits. However, to access the full feature of YouTube Music, you need the premium version that needs to be paid for. However, what if you could get all the premium features of YouTube Music Premium without spending a dime? I’m talking about the app’s modded version known as Vanced Music APK.


What is Vanced Music APK?

Vanced Music APK is a modded version of YouTube Music Premium that offers users the full premium experience of YouTube Music for free. This mod was created by the same Vanced team that came up with YouTube Vanced and aims to add a few extra features such as background playbacks and in-app adblocking.

The app also gives users full control over their streaming settings, such as limiting mobile data usage or preventing music videos from playing, allowing them to save a lot of their data. You can even access your private music library from your device and play them through the app.

Version Info

NameVanced Music (YouTube Musc Premium)
DeveloperVanced Team
Size59 Mb
Last updatedFebruary 17, 2022

Download Vanced Music APK Latest Version for Android

To download the application, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Vanced Manager from the link provided on your Android device.
  2. For the non-root option, download and install MicroG from inside Vanced Manager.
  3. Tap “Install” on YouTube Music once MicroG is successfully installed.
  4. Run the app and sign in to it using your Google Account to access all your favorite music content from the YouTube app.

Listen to high-quality music with one tap or watch their videos and access accurate lyrics for some of the popular music content. Using this Vanced Manager and MicroG download method allows you to access any future updates introduced to Vanced Music for free.

Or, a Direct download link for both Vanced Music and MicroG has given below.

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Mixed for you

The Vanced Music app provides users with YouTube Music Premium features such as personalized mixes based on every listener’s streaming habits. This is a collection of different specially curated mixes that are updated every week and created based on your songs’ choice.

Your Favorites

Explore the work of artists you like or have subscribed to on the YouTube application. The Vanced Music APK provides you with all your favorite artists’ creations, including singles, features, albums, videos, and charts that they have been featured on. You even get a little information about the artist at the bottom of their page.

Billion Views Club

Here, you get access to the world’s trending videos. Enjoy YouTube videos that broke records by getting billions of views online. Some of your favorite artists could be on this collection if they happened to produce any billion view videos. You can even access other viral videos from artists all over YouTube. Discover popular content that many YouTube users deem popular and join the billion views club by subscribing to viral artists on the platform.


Get excellent recommendations for music videos specially picked out for you based on what you like listening to on YouTube. Vanced music will provide you with new and exciting content you never came across and didn’t know you needed. This section also includes other videos that you enjoy repeating because they seem to bring out your deepest emotions.

All the feelings

Let your stress evaporate with the best pop ballads from the ’90s to today. If you’re dealing with post-breakup emotions, then you can burn the photos using specially curated mixes for just that. Are you feeling sad? Then wallow in your feelings with a melancholy collection of some of the saddest pop songs ever released. For mixed emotions, you can listen to the newest music dripped in various emotions and music experiences. If you’re angry and sad because of a breakup, there are deep heartbroken hip hop hits put together to get you through it all. There’s something for every emotion you might be feeling.

Live Performances


Suppose you happened to miss out on your favorite artist’s live performance. In that case, you could always catch the event’s videos on Vanced Music. Here, you can watch artists’ performances live on various TV shows, roadshows, concerts, and tours from across the region.


Enjoy the trending content from all over the world and rated on different charts. There are even charts created based on popular music content in your region, letting you know what you’re people are listening to. Select the country where you want to explore trending content and discover new and exciting creations from artists you didn’t know of. You can even find the top artists in your area and other regions and subscribe to their great content.

New Releases

Are you looking for something new and exciting? Vanced music is up to date with every new release on YouTube Music Premium. Never miss anything new from your favorite artists and explore other unique content that might entertain you more than you’d imagine.

Moods & Genres

There are over 30+ moods and genres to choose from. Are you going through something specific that’s causing you to feel some mood? Then you can select music from a variety of options and listen to some of the top hits for that kind of emotion.


Suppose you’re looking to listen to some of your artist’s favorite content mixed with other similar songs collected for the same genre. In that case, you can choose the radio option and enjoy the playlists.

Final Words

Select your favorite song, album, or video, put on your headphones, and meditate to some of the most famous music content worldwide using the Vanced Music APK. Your favorite artists will be waiting for you, and you won’t ever miss any of their content with this application.

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