Filmos APK 2.0 Download Latest (Official) Version in 2021

Filmos APK is an entertainment android app developed by MovieFire Team. Watch Hollywood, Bollywood and Dubbed content for free.

Everyone has different tastes when it comes down to what they desire in movies and TV shows. These preferences differ from one person to another, and thus, you cannot expect people to binge or adore your choice of films.

While you may be entertained by the exciting scenes of car chases and bullets breaking screens and skulls, someone else may confine themselves in a dramatic display of romance where two lovers destined to be together are ignorant of the fact and end up missing out on happiness. Another individual may be comfortable with the screams of monster-related attacks that would keep you up all night watching out for shadows in the dark.

The truth is, one man’s meat may be your cup of poison as what we’d want in a film may be different from what your friends or family expect. This creates the need for applications that are capable of accommodating all the tastes and preferences that every individual will be sure to enjoy.

There may be many service providers available but only a few manage to represent all people from different corners of the earth. When it comes to entertainment, Filmos APK is an excellent example of such impressive movie applications.


filmos apk download official

What is Filmos APK?

The Filmos APK is an Android-based application purposed at providing users with quality content for movies and TV shows. Enjoy the best of many worlds on the palm of your hands with films and series from across different corners of the earth.

With the Filmos APK, you can access the latest and thrilling blockbuster Hollywood movies and TV shows from the convenience of your smartphone. On the other hand, if you fancy the inspiring Bollywood galore with actors singing their hearts out in between scenes, then Filmos has got you covered. Watch the best of Indian or Punjabi films that run across a wide variety of genres.

Filmos APK also provides you with Hollywood in Hindi and a South Indian directory for films. If you’re a man of culture and would also like to explore the wonders of adult films, Filmos grants you access to just that.

The app does not own or host any media content, but instead, it merely aggregates links in a convenient and extremely user-friendly manner. Android users can easily find and access links to various streaming content through the app without having to browse the web in search of the hundreds of available sites.

Version Info

NameFilmos (Chadar)
Size14 MB
Last updatedDecember 31, 2020

Download Official Filmos APK Latest Version for Android

With the app installed on your Android device, you can experience the best of Bollywood, Hollywood in Hindi, in English, Punjab, South Indian, and adult content all for free. There are also inspiring short videos at your disposal that would keep you entertained when you don’t have time for a full episode of the Kapil Sharma.

There is something for everyone when you download this application to help you find a solution for all your exotic premiers as well as The Filmos APK is, however, not available on the default Android play store, Google Play Store, and therefore requires you to follow the link provided in this guide for your download.

Filmos APK can also be supported by a wide variety of other devices such as Smart TVs, your Android TV, Firestick devices, Fire TV 4K, and many others. Watch unlimited movies and TV shows in quality experiences with access to content in 720p HD and Full HD content.

Many other similar apps may claim to provide some of the best viewing experiences in high quality but due to their unreliable streaming links, the quality tends to reduce to an old and blurry vintage-like state drastically. With Filmos, you can be assured that all the streaming links are available in full HD for the perfect experience.

Download the latest version of Filmos APK below:


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Read the best features from the Team MovieFire.

High-quality streaming


Take your app for a run and enjoy the best of awesome movies and popular TV shows in the best streaming qualities available. 720p HD and Full HD are some of the top options for you to choose from when you want to experience precise and detailed fun.

Inbuilt video player


You don’t require to download an external video player as some other similar applications may expect you to. Filmos is aware that some of the Android devices may be low on storage and thus comes with an inbuilt video player that allows you to stream movies directly.

Movie suggestion

Movie suggestion

If you happen to be browsing the app looking for a specific film or show to watch but unfortunately, it isn’t available, you shouldn’t lose all hope with the app just yet. There is a movie suggestion option at the menu bar where you can write something about the type of film you would like to be added to the list of choices.

There is even an option on the same textbox where you are allowed to narrow your search by adding relevant images related to the suggestion you may have made, and the developers will do their best to sort you out.

Invite friends


Whenever you find the app to be fascinating enough for you, there is always the “Invite Friends” option where you are allowed to share the download link or the APK file itself. The means of sharing are dependable on the various ways in which your Android device supports.

Latest movies and series


There is a “Just Added” category where you would find the latest movies and episodes added onto the app. The software is always up to date and will always inform you on the most recent video content that may have been included in the list.

A variety of web series


Enjoy Bollywood and Hollywood epic TV shows with the latest episodes attached in a wide variety of genres that include the latest, most popular, Hottest, and mix for your entertainment.

Short movies


There are short films that depict various genres that would keep you entertained whenever you may not have time for the full movies. Most of the short movies are taken from YouTube, So, you can easily access them with the YouTube app.

Hollywood in English and Hindi


The content in Hollywood is produced in both English and Hindi on the app allowing the locals to enjoy the fantastic productions in their language.

Adult content

Adult content

For those inspired by the culture of adult movies or content, then worry no more. Filmos app brings you the best of educational and intriguing adult content for you to enjoy away from the reach of children.

Search options


Search for your favorite film on the search bar, and the app will bring you instant results to satisfy your needs.

How to Install Filmos APK on Android?

Step 1. Download Official Filmos APK from our page.

Step 2. Once you are done with that, navigate to the downloaded location where you can find the APK file.

Step 3. Tap on the APK file and allow android security measure. Generally, it would come when anyone tries to install apps from other sources.

Step 4. After that, again tap on the APK file.


Step 5. Install on your android device successfully.

Step 6. Now, open it from the installation window or from the apps drawer.


Step 7. Choose the movie or series to watch or download by selecting the server.


Q1. Is Filmos safe?

ANS: Filmos aggregates links from streaming websites in a convenient and user-friendly interface that is safe and secure for every user to explore and enjoy.

Q2. Is Filmos Legal?

ANS: Filmos is built on legal grounds adhering to every policy concerning online service providers for streaming services. It is their policy to respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement.

Final Words

Filmos APK preaches of a new dawn for both Bollywood and Hollywood content bringing users the best of both worlds and so much more. Diversity, quality, and entertainment are just some of the many goals that Filmos aims at achieving every one of its users.

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