EZ Stars APK v34 Download Latest to [Unlock ML Skins]

A piece of good news for Mobile Legends players because we have found an android application tool to unlock premium ML skins for free. Isn’t great news for you? If yes, read our whole tutorial to find out how you can get premium stuff for free with EZ Stars APK. In this article, we are going to give you a download link. Keep scrolling.

Mobile Legends is the best MOBA experience game ever designed for android devices and has the ability to provide 5v5 gameplay through the online servers. Even. it amazes you with different modes such as classic, rank, brawl, versus A.I, Custom and draft pick.

Originally created by the Moonton back then in 2016, and has gained popularity across worldwide. The heart of the game is character development, and many people love those fictional characters, indeed. If you are one of them who love to use paid heroes but looking to get premium skins for them, then our EZ stars app can work flawlessly in that case.


What is EZ Stars APK?

Generally, EZ Stars APK is an android utility tool which comes with optimised code. So, it can be compatible with many of the android versions and has the ability to consume fewer resources. The main aim behind this creation is to provide tweaks in the Mobile Legends game and tweaks are ML Skins, Drone View, Recalls, Battle effects, Backgrounds and more.

Notification tab lets you know the new features that have been introduced in the recent build. Just check it once if you want to know the new characters skins. So, you can use it in the next game. Ez Stars app has separate online servers which serve the items from the cloud, and you need a proper internet connection.

The developer of this application is a student and has a keen interest in developing this kind of tools to offer premium things for free. His name is Heru from Indonesia, and one of his famous projects is EZ Hunter FC which also injects ML skins for free.

Version Info

NameEZ Stars
Size10 MB
Updated onJanuary 09, 2022

Download Ez Stars APK Latest Version for Android

EZ Stars App is a simple user interfaced application that means you can see all the options on the home page. From there, you can navigate to whatever feature you want. In general, one can unlock skins by spending real money to buy Gold Coins or Diamonds in the game. But, with our tool, you can have them all for free.

Point to be noted before using this tool is users must be unlocked their favourite heroes in the Mobile Legends to apply skins. Below, you can find a download link and working password.


Unlock Premium ML Skins

Luckily, we have access to all skins for our favourite characters which are coming under Tank, Marksman, Assassin, Mage, Support and Fighter. So, simply we can activate the skins for our unlocked character by just clicking on the inject button.

Some of the most popular heroes skins that tool offers are Star, Lightborn, Special, Epic, Zodiac, Elite and Legend. Also, there is a backup option for each character to revert changes.

Drone View

In simple words, the Drone view is the maximised view of the default view, which allows users to find opponents easily. So, if you activate these features in the EZ Stars App, then your map will be zoomed out. You can select the scale from 1x to 9x and be careful while using this option. There are more chances that Moonton bots catch you.

Battle Effects

The effects that are displayed in the game are Battle Effects. These are basically paid animations which you can buy with your gold coins if you want to use unique animation styles while playing.


Zodiac, Fire Bolt, Fire Crown, Seal of Anvil, MSC, Sumer Gala, Saber, M1, Alu Legend, Venom, KOF, GS Legend, Sky Guard, MCL, Lightborn and more.


K.O, EVOS, 515, Super, Calamity, Hero and Backup of original.


Christmas, MSC, Summer, Super Hero, Starlight, Evos, M1, Sky guardian, Angel and Original.


Shrine, Starlight, Crystal, Summer, gala, and Lightborn.


RRQ, EVOS, Gusion KOF, Bruno, Guinivere KOF, RRQ Lemon, I am scary, Angry, BIUBIUBIU, BYe Bye, Come Get me and more.


The developer is more creative indeed, and that is why he added custom made backgrounds from the beautiful posters of anime movies. If you are a fan of anime characters, then you love this EZ Stars APK tool for just these walls. Also, there are some paid backgrounds too which you can get free access.

Changelog screen

I hope everyone knows about the changelog thing. For those who don’t know, This is bullet points text where you can see the updated content in the application that was written by the developer. Here, you can see the updated features, bug fixed options, any plans for future and more.

More features

  • Magic chess for celestial palace, empire, necrokeep, shop and breath of spring.
  • Mi themes
  • Analog controller premium stuff.
  • Borders available.
  • Maps unlocked.
  • The app size is small.
  • Online server and EZ Stars need an internet connection to work.
  • The Injection method is efficient.
  • No sign in required and fewer permissions required.
  • Frequent updates.

How to Install EZ Stars APK on Android?

Basically, Installation procedure is simple, and everYone can perform this procedure with the below steps.

Step 1. Download latest APK file from our download page.

Step 2. Then, access the APK file by going through the folders.

Step 3. Now, Tap on it.

Step 4. If you are doing this kind of procedure in your android device for the first time, then you will be asked to allow unknown sources. Just allow it.

Step 5. Now, Tap on the EZ Stars APK file and install on your android device. Then allow storage permission.


Step 6. Open it and enter the password if we mentioned in the download section. Otherwise, there is no password for the application.

How to Unlock ML Skins using EZ Stars App?

I hope you followed the above procedure perfectly.

Step 1. Now, Open the application from the drawer.

Step 2. Tap on the start button or here enter password.

Step 3. It will open the main menu.


Step 4. Choose the Skins option.

Step 5. Now, you can choose the character type like Marksman.

Step 6. Here, you will find avaialble heroes. Choose the desired one.

Step 7. Here again, you will see the ML skin types or models.


Step 8. Tap on it and Inject to your mobile legends.

Step 9. Open mobile legends and play with that hero.

Final Words

EZ Stars APK is the currently the best tool for Mobile Legends: bang bang in the aspects of providing frequent updates by adding new ML skins. If you are looking for the anti-ban application which gives features like Backgrounds, Recalls, Battle Emotes and Drone View, then this tool will be the best pick for you.

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