EZ Month APK 4.0 Download Latest [Unlock ML Skins] 2022

EZ Month App is an MLBB tool to unlock Hero Skins, Drone View, Battle Effects and more for free.

When it comes to playing MOBA games such as the Mobile Legends, it’s the little things that make the player’s experience worth-while. The skins that their characters have on, the outlook of the game’s background or view, the game’s complexity, and even the simple in-game effects during battle. These are all fantastic qualities that without which, the MLBB game wouldn’t be as popular as it is now. However, some of these features are inaccessible to users without the proper ranks or enough in-game money.

For example, to purchase a particular skin, you would need to reach a specific rank or level to unlock it. Furthermore, once it’s unlocked, you need to buy using the coins and diamonds gained during battle. Some people tend to find it unnecessary to spend their hard-earned coins or use real cash to purchase these gaming currencies. That’s why there are apps like the EZ Month AP to solve the problem and deliver free premium items to all players worldwide.


What is EZ Month APK?

The EZ Month APK is a third-party Android application specifically developed to access the premium items of Mobile Legends for free. The MLBB game comes with restricted or locked features that required in-game coins or diamonds to unlock. The EZ Month APK allows players to inject any premium feature into their game and access it free of charge without any risks of getting banned. The application unlocks skins, battle effects, free diamonds, among other features. All you’ll need to do is download the app and inject your preferred premium item.

It is a similar application to the EZ Stars which was also designed to unlock paid items on Mobile Legends. So, these both are super good in terms of executing unlock procedure.

Version Info

NameEZ Month
DeveloperAhmad Yasin
Size6.5 MB
Last updatedJanuary 08, 2022

Download EZ Month APK Latest Official Version for Android

The EZ Month APK has no ads and is a straightforward app to use. Simple download the latest version of the app from the link provided below and get access to the good things in MLBB. Boost your rankings and increase your map view using the application to stay ahead of the competition and keep your wins going up.

Download the latest version of EZ Month APK from the link provided below.

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All ML Hero Skins Unlocked


What’s the one thing that gets gamers riled up when upgrading their characters on Mobile Legends? Skins. There are skins we, as MLBB players, have been eyeing ever since their release, along with new ones that are expected to be launched every season. However, some of these skins are heavily priced. They require many in-game coins or diamonds, some of which would take an eternity of gaming to save up enough to unlock a single skin.

The other option would be to buy these coins and diamonds through online purchases, an option that many would find unnecessary. In contrast, others can’t afford to spend so much on a single skin. With EZ Month APK, you can unlock all skins for free without any struggles. All you’d have to do is choose your desired hero and the skin you would wish to inject into your game. It will automatically be downloaded to your collection.


One of my favorite features about the EZ Month app is that it lets you customize the backgrounds of the lobby, your profile, and during the loading screens using more than 20+ options to choose from. You can upgrade these backgrounds and change them whenever you want, giving you fantastic in-game views that keep your experience fired up and prevents the monotonous feeling of seeing the same background for ages.

Drone View


The EZ Month APK also offers a complete drone view to the users for a better experience. Players can choose from a 1.5x up to 7x view to play without any risks. This way, you can view enemies coming from a mile away and make a better assessment of your attacks or defences before they get to you. While your enemies will have to get close to you for an attack, you would have already seen them coming and planned a better counter for anything they throw at you.

No bans

The EZ Month APK also comes with anti-ban properties that protect your account when using the app to inject skins and other premium features into your game. Usually, suppose you were to infiltrate the MLBB game using a third-party app, and it’s detected. In that case, you risk having your account suspended and banned from the game. This means that you lose all the progress you had made since you started gaming, along with every achievement and reward won. However, with the EZ Month APK, you can access every feature, such as free skins, backgrounds, battle effects, and much more.

Ranking Booster


The developers of EZ Month APK also came up with a way to boost their ranks in the MLBB game. The ranking booster feature contains options that can help players play better and hold higher ranks than others while in the game. You can pick to activate brutal damage and damage to increase the damage you inflict on your enemies, enemy lag to make enemies a little slower, increase your chances of winning using auto-win and hack pin enemy to put them at a disadvantage.


Like emojis, these realistic animations are used to bring joy and excitement while communicating with your teammates. You can send these fun emotes to your friends or your opponents to send various meanings such as “come & hit me, “bye-bye,” or even “I appreciate you.”

Battle effects

There are dozens of effects to choose from for various actions. There are effects meant for recall, spawning, and even when eliminating an enemy from the battlefield. These effects are amazing and make your game even more exciting.

Final Words

EZ Month is one of the most popular Android applications among MLBB gamers because it offers free access to many premium features. If you decide on the longer route and fight for the skins, you might be at a disadvantage because many players are using EZ Month APK to boost their rankings. Download the app today and get started on your road to the excitement.

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