True Amps Pro Mod APK 2.6.5 Download (Premium, Unlocked)

Light up your edge screen with True Amps Pro Mod APK for Android devices. Get Premium features for free with this modiffied application.

If you look for happiness in simple things, it becomes complicated to be unhappy because access to these things is easier and more straightforward. Speaking of simple things, it’s the little functions that our devices hold which make up some of the most adored qualities of your phone or tablet. A specific tone or sound for each of your notifications or calls can put a smile on your face or even when your device lights up whenever you plug it into its designated power cable could be more entertaining than one would think.

As such, imagine an edge lighting feature together with different animated properties that would illuminate your screen whenever you plug it in to charge or receive a notification, You would literally keep sending yourself notifications just to see your screen light up and the True Amps Pro MOD APK serves just that function.

true amps pro mod apk download latest version for android

What is True Amps Pro Mod APK?

Imagine a charging style that can be changed from the normal one to a blend of different options such as waves, sphere, orbit particles, or progress at your convenience. You would constantly glue your eyes to your screen every time you plug in into the power source. The function is automatically activated when you plug in your device and deactivate when you plug it out. Many exciting features play an entertaining role on the True Amps Pro MOD APK and which constitute this awesome lighting function.

Version Info

NameTrue Amps Pro
DevelopernewGen Mobile
Size7 MB
Updated onNovember 18, 2022

Download True Amps Pro Mod APK on Android

Take my word for it, as well as the words of millions of other satisfied users; True Amps may seem like a simple application that’s only suitable for a limited number of functions, but the experience and satisfaction are definitely worth it. After all, it is the little things that keep us happy throughout our experience while using the Android devices we own. Therefore, try not to waste any more time and download the latest version of this modified application using the link provided below.


Activate via wired/wireless connection


The True Amps Pro application allows you to opt for its activation on either a wired or wireless connection. The app can even work on both connections perfectly depending on your preference.


The application can also show battery power states in the form of colors. For example, blue can indicate full or a relatively sufficient battery percentage while red indicates low battery.

Battery status display

If your phone display doesn’t show you the battery percentage and forces you to have to navigate to the settings just so you can know, then the True Amps Pro will show you the battery percentage every time you open the app.

Battery level alert

While your phone may alert you when the battery level is critically low, sometimes it fails to inform you whenever it is being drained at a rather higher-than-normal speed. You can, however, activate this option from the True Amps modified APK and it would alert you whenever attention is needed on your battery status.

Auto Deactivate

Phone batteries tend to overheat at times, and while this could be termed as a normal occurrence, whenever too much pressure from battery draining apps persists in such a condition, the battery can be damaged. Therefore, True Amps offers an option that allows you to automatically disable the app if battery overheat is detected.

Music controls


Whenever music playback is active, true Amps allows you to show music controls such as play, pause and skip. You can still be able to listen to your favorite song and still have your phone light up whenever a notification pops up at the same time.

Fingerprint unlock

This is one of the most adored premium unlocked features of the app that allows you to unlock the targeted device using your fingerprint even when the app is active. The feature is, however, limited to Android 8+ devices and above and may not work with all in-display fingerprint scanners.

Show weather

True Amps would even go-ahead to show you the weather for your current region while it’s active. This can be activated in the settings from the weather option of the main menu.

SMS Reply

With this option activated. You can reply to SMS messages directly from the AOD screen. This feature was tested with Google’s “Messages” app from Play Store, and, therefore, may not work well with 3rd party messaging applications.

Blacklist apps


If you don’t want to receive any notifications from specific apps, you can always blacklist them from the True Amps Pro application instead of having to navigate through each one of those apps’ settings just to disable the notification feature.

Dark and light themes

You can change the theme display between dark and light depending on your preference or for the safety of your eyes at night.

Final Words

The True Amps Pro APK will provide you with info such as notification and gives your device a colorful edge lighting whenever it’s charging. Since it requires very low system resources, I would recommend downloading the app from the safe and tested link provided and enjoying all your charging periods with a bit of color and spark.

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