AnYme X APK 11.998 Download Latest (Official) Version 2022

AnYme X is an Android App which can sync with MyAnimeList – FREE AND NO ADS!

Anime has gained popularity over the past decades and is currently a trending phase in the entertainment industry whose success seems to grow with each passing day. There are over hundreds of millions of fans all over the world and as just because these shows aren’t included in cinemas, it doesn’t mean they aren’t good to be there.


Before industries realize how big a difference anime can make when featured in movie theatres and cinemas, users now rely on thousands of applications that provide streaming services for manga.

The AnYme X APK is not just your typical type of streaming application for any anime show. It is an extraordinary software that provides its users with exemplary features needed to make their streaming experiences a mark above the rest.

What is AnYme X APK?

The AnYme X APK is a streaming application for anime and manga shows, as well as movies all under the same roof. Unlike other applications, this app comes equipped with unique features that will later be discussed in this article and gives users much more than just an enjoyable viewing experience.

It gives them excitement in its outstanding features, enjoyment in its wide range of categories to choose from, and enticements in its quality viewing options.

If someone asks what exactly is AnYme X, then the best answer would be that it is the perfect software that offers quality and quantity for all anime fans around the world.

Version Info

NameAnYme X
Size7 MB
Last UpdatedJanuary 09, 2022

Download AnYme X APK Latest Official Version for Android

The AnYme X APK is compatible with several other devices other than the common Android ones. These include SmartTv, Android TV, FireStick devices, FireTv 4K, and many others. All you to do is download and install the APK from our official site provided because it isn’t available on Google Play Store.

Enjoy excellent quality viewing of your favorite anime and manga series in 720p HD and full HD without any interruptions from failed servers since you are provided with a variety of links to sites for your streaming.

Download the latest version of AnYme X APK from the site below:


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Read some fantastic features from below.

Free & No-ads


The AnYme X APK comes at no cost when you need to install it. Neither do you need to purchase any package for subscription purposes? While other apps may allow you to access their APKs for free, once you install the app, you may end up having to pay a subscription fee to gain access to the selection of anime of your choice.

AnYme X provides their links for free on their servers, which are generously maintained through the kind donations of its users. The is a donation option from which one can offer any amount to the developers to keep the app functioning and excellent for everyone to enjoy.

AnYme chat server


AnYme X allows users to join their chat server through discord and where they can talk about their favorite anime, games, or even share some of their best memes with other fans. It’s a global network where millions of anime servers meet up and exchange cultures, fun and creates new social relations all in the name of anime.

One can also request for new app features on this server or ask for help from any other user who may be well experienced with handling the application better. Join the chat server and test out AnYme X’s BETA versions with new and exemplary features to explore.

Custom recommendations


Kanon, AnYme X’s server, will show you recommendations based on the shows you may have rated 0 or higher. If you lack favor in these recommendations, you can always custom your own by applying a filter.

This helps the system narrow down on the various types of shows that interest you and provide some of the best and most popular recommendations you are sure to enjoy. Discover new anime you had no idea existed but glad to stumble upon it on the recommendation section.


Now here’s a unique and spectacular feature you are sure to miss out in thousands of other anime applications. The reverse image search option is a tool that allows you to use the search button to find the source of a screenshot. Yes, it’s exactly as you’ve read it. Say, for example, you have an image or screenshot of an anime show but don’t recognize the title of the film.

The reverse image search is equipped with advanced system programming technology that scans those screenshots and searches for the actual show based on similar images or scenes in the various anime programs. This option requires photos or screenshots to have minimal editing.

Favorite shows and Waifus


With a MyAnimeList account, which is free to create, users can keep track of the shows they are watching and also receive excellent recommendations based on them. This allows the servers to save your progress for any anime series you may be following while providing you with the latest updates for every new episode concerning that specific show. Pick up wherever you may have left out and never miss out on anything.

Waifus enables you to keep track of your favorite characters by logging in through Kanon. Follow your favorite anime characters just like you would celebrities in real life and keep track of their progress in the shows.



With bookmarks, you can include various shows into your anime list to organize them further. This enables users always to get a hold of the specific anime they had tagged due to interest but do not remember the title. Also, one needs an account on cannon to bookmark various shows, but this shouldn’t stress you out because registering for one shouldn’t take you more than 10 seconds.

Choose from many streaming sites


AnYme X app allows its users to pick what they want to watch from a wide variety of websites that mainly deal with streaming anime shows. Your options are endless with popular and impressive websites that offer high-quality streaming services for your viewing experience. Examples of such sites include:

  • WonderfulSubs
  • Animeflix
  • AnimesGoGoAnime
  • BestAnimes
  • AnimeKisa
  • 9Anime

Manage your list


Manage what you are watching and whenever you may be streaming it to ensure you don’t have to start perusing through shows and films, just find the exact place you left off. This also shows your current progress in the series you may be following.

See your profile statistics


AnYme X app does it all for you when it comes to collecting data. If you’re an enthusiast in collecting your watching data, then you need not worry but rather sit back and enjoy the show. The app gives you your profile’s statistics that show you everything you may have watched, your score distribution on the various shows, and how you rated them together with the ones you did not.

It also gives you an insight of your favorite producers based on your viewing history and the genres to which you are most fond of. Nothing could be more accurate than this.

Broad range categories and genres


AnYme X app provides users with a wide range of categories and many genres to choose from. Explore every option of the type of anime there is with unique genres such as:

  • Dementia
  • Ecchi
  • Game
  • Harem
  • Cars
  • Josei
  • Mecha
  • Military
  • Parody
  • Shoujo

Dive into the many categories offered like:

  • School life
  • Future
  • Swordplay
  • Coming of Age
  • Proxy Battles
  • Humanoid Alien
  • Parallel Universe

How to Install Official AnYme X APK on Android?

Step 1. Download AnYme X APK from our official servers.

Step 2. Tap on the APK file once it gets downloaded.

Step 3. Allow this android security setting to install APKs from unknown sources.

Step 4. All set now, Tap again on the APK file that you have downloaded, then install it on your android device.


Step 5. Open it and Allow storage permission.

Step 6. Register with the MyAnimeList Account or you can skip it too.


Step 7. Choose any movie or series from the given list or search for your desired one.

Step 8. Tap on the Watch button, It will redirect you to their site and select from there.


Step 9. Now, Choose an episode to play.


Step 10. After that, you will get the option to choose a video player. Choose any video player – I have selected the MX Player Pro for the best watching experience and you can download MX Player Pro APK for free from this page.

Watch it.

How to Install AnYme APK on Fire Stick and Fire Tv 4K?

Official AnYme X for android also compatible with the Amazon Fire Stick and Fire Tv 4k devices. But, for features, you may have to use Mouse Toggle application. It is completely working fine.

Step 1. Use remote to navigate to the settings of Fire Stick.


Step 2. Click on the Device or My Fire Tv option by swiping right.


Step 3. Go to the developer options.


Step 4. Click on the Unknown sources option to sideload APKs.


Step 5. Turn on to complete the initial steps.


Step 6. Go back to your home and click on the search icon which is at the top menu row.


Step 7. Enter Downloader in the search bar.


Step 8. Hit the okay button. Now, you can see the Downloader application in the Amazon app store.


Step 9. Install Downloader Application.

Step 10. Open the downloader application.

install procedure 9

Step 11. Allow the storage permissions to the app.


Step 12. Enable javascript by going through the settings.

install procedure 11

Step 13. Now, select the Browser option from the sidebar.

install procedure 12

Step 14. Enter this URL: in the search bar and click on the go button.


Step 15. It will start downloading the AnYme X APK to your Fire Stick or Fire Tv 4k device storage.


Step 16. Once its done, Installation window will open.

Step 17. Click on the install button.


Step 18. Click on the Done button to go back and delete the APK file. If you want to open AnYme X app right there, then click on the Open button.


Step 19. Go back to the home and click on the Apps and Channel section.


Step 20. Scroll down to the bottom until you see the AnYme X app icon and drag it to the top row.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for an anime application that gives you every feature available for exploration under one roof, then AnYme X APK is the software you have been unknowingly longing for.

Packed with a broad range of options to choose from that include TV, upcoming, airing and various anime movies, the app is the perfect solution to all your manga needs.

Discover a world of exemplary features that you can enjoy other than the shows itself, thus giving you something extra that is unavailable on other anime streaming applications.

All you have to do is create a free official MyAnimeList account to enjoy all the exclusive features and much more that this excellent application has to offer. Download and install the APK now and experience joy and wonder beyond your imagination.

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