Typhoon TV APK 2.3.8 Download Latest (Official) Version 2022

As it has often been said, we are currently surviving in the golden age of TV. Gone are the days where fans would have to subscribe to cable services to get access to their favourite big-budget movies and shows. There’s a whole lot more of entertainment which cable subscribers tend to miss out on but can be recovered by acquiring a TV service provider. This is where TV applications such as Typhoon TV APK come into the limelight.

There are thousands of TV applications one can install on their devices, but the fact is that some are better than others. The quality and functionality of these applications is something one has to consider before downloading something that could inflict malware onto their devices. Typhoon TV, on the other hand, is an online media file search engine and browser that grants you access to safe links for your favorite shows and movies.


What is Typhoon TV APK?

Typhoon Tv is an online media file search engine and browser. To put it simply, just like how you can search for any web content on google, one can do the same on Typhoon TV but in relation to media files.

The application acts as a client-based web crawler to scrape and find hyperlinks that are already available on the net for you. These hyperlinks are the source from where you can stream your preferred TV series or movies for absolutely free and at the quality of your choice.

Offers a wide range of serials from various platforms such as amazon prime, and Netflix. For only Netlfix, we recommend downloading Redflix TV APK on Android devices.

How does Typhoon Tv work?

Typhoon TV only contains links to other sites on the internet where you can stream your chosen preferences. The app simply tracks down these hyperlinks and offers them to the user for their decision on the most favourable one. The links are aggregated in a very convenient and user-friendly interface.

One should note that Typhoon Tv APK does not host or upload any videos, films or media files found on the internet. Similarly, it doesn’t store any media stream links in any of its servers, and therefore such hyperlinks or files should be deleted within 24 hours of saving them.

Version Info

NameTyphoon TV
Required4.4 +
Updated onJnauary 09, 2022
Size14 MB

Download Typhoon TV APK for Android, Fire Tv, Firestick and Boxes

Typhoon TV allows you to access the latest movies and TV shows with accurate updates for each series available. The APK can be supported by a number of various devices that offer media streaming options such as FireTv 4K, FireStick, Android Boxes, NVIDIA Shield etc.

The Typhoon TV android app is however not available on Google Playstore hence you will need to follow the link provided to download the APK.

Download the official version from below.




Here you can read all the features that are offered by this android application. Let’s read from the below.

A user-friendly interface


Users of all ages are capable of navigating through the application with ease and finding what it is they would like to watch.


Typhoon TV scraps hyperlinks for streaming popular movies as well as the latest ones released in theatres.


Users can catch up on their favorite shows and discover new ones that would interest them with every series updated to its latest episode.

Overviews of various media files or films


Before you decide to watch any movie or series through the app, Typhoon Tv gives you an overview of the storyline. It also provides the ratings given to the film by popular film critic companies like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. This allows the user to know what they expect the film to look like.

Parallel source loading


This enables the loading speed for the links sources to increase by 5 times more. However, on some low spec devices, this feature may cause crush.

Smart suggestions


Based on your pick, the app gives you other options to choose from that it thinks you may find interesting enough.


If you may be in doubt about what you are about to watch, the app provides links to the trailers of the show or movie. This helps the user evaluate and find out whether the film is worth their attention.


Once you select the show you plan on watching, Typhoon Tv will provide links to a variety of viewing qualities. These links run from as low as 360p all the way up to HD quality.

Supports video player


Typhoon TV allows you to set the default video player, installed on your device, which you will use for streaming media files. Even you can choose MX Player Pro APK as a default player if you want.

Smart filters


Filter out CAM version links or non-English TV shows. The options are very many thus allowing the user to be provided with exactly what they would be interested in.

Notifications for new episodes and movies


Once a new episode is released for your favorite show, Typhoon Tv send out a notification informing you of its arrival. The same thing happens for the movies you have been long awaiting. In this way, one will always catch up with the world of entertainment.

Playback option


Get back to watching from exactly where you left off due to other emerging issues or activities.

Download manager


It allows you to choose your default download manager and the location of the downloads on your device.



The app offers download paths for subtitles for various shows and films. It also allows you to set your most preferred subtitle language. One is even capable of turning off the subtitles during watching as, please. Uses opensubtitles server to fetch them.

Different app language support


The app supports a variety of languages thus ensuring every one of every language is represented and accommodated by it.

Free of charge


It does not need any payment plans or subscriptions to function as it is free to use. But, some advertisements are there to maintain server charges.

Requirements for functionality


Typhoon TV app, like every other TV application, basically requires a stable internet connection for you to access its links to various media files. The app also requires certain in-device permissions, such as storage, to open and function correctly.

How to Install Typhoon TV APK on Android?

  • Download the APK from the link provided in the context.
  • Ensure that, in your settings menu, you enabled the installation from “unknown sources” option.
  • Tap on the Typhoon APK to install it.
  • Open the app and grant it the necessary permissions it requires from your device.
  • Now, choose the media player or you can default one which comes with the app itself.
  • Select what you want to watch and enjoy.

How safe is Typhoon Tv?

By accepting everything instilled in the privacy policy, the user agrees only to accommodate the practices spelled out in the policy. As much as the app is for educational and personal purposes only, it does not store nor record any information or browsing activities of its users. This prevents sites, from related hyperlinks, from tracking your browsing activities through the app.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking forward to watching popular films or staying up to date with your favorite TV show, I’d recommend you get Typhoon TV on your device.  With unlimited access to worldwide free film entertainment, there is no way you’re going back to cable subscriptions. Download the APK today and experience filming at its best.

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