RedFlix TV APK 3.0 Download Latest Version (Official)

With RedFlix Tv APK, you can able to watch paid channels, Movies, Series and Shows for Free on your android based devices.

The ways in which we watch TV has evolved as subscriptions are no longer entirely necessary. In this era, there are a wide variety of ways to catch up on your favourite programs right on your android device. It is also possible to live-stream your favourite shows and costs a small fraction of what TV cable subscriptions charge. For those cut off from cable, you should feel more than welcome with this new streaming trend that will keep you up to date.

The days of waiting for a cable man to reconfigure your TV settings for you are over. No more waiting for hours just so that your subscription can be renewed or awaiting TV signal in cases of terrible weather. With the emergence of TV live-stream applications, it is now possible to stream your favourite channels at no extra cost. RedFlix Tv APK is among the few liberators of cable subscriptions as it allows you to get in touch with what you love most free of charge.

You no longer need to pay for Netflix or Amazon for you to get what you deserve to watch. In fact, you no longer need to pay for anything you want to watch at all. RedFlix Tv APK offers you entertainment beyond your expectations. The best of all worlds can be found in this TV application be its news channels, sports entertainment, tv catchup or newly released movies.



What is RedFlix Tv APK?

RedFlix Tv APK is a popular android TV application that grants you access to a wide variety of entertainment options online. With RedFlix Tv, one will be able to keep up with the world in all aspects of the entertainment industry for free.

All one has to do is download the app, ensure that there’s a stable internet connection and enjoy unlimited excitement that this app has to offer. Get connected with the best of Hollywood and Bollywood stars all over the world at your convenience.

If you’re a fanatic of box office or Indian movies, there’s no need to wait for them to be released then acquire a lower version just to fit in. RedFlix Tv grants you access to Full HD movies of all kinds. Follow up on your favorite Indian actors and their numerous roles in different scripts all on time.

You will never need to throw money away just to get a glimpse of your long-awaited film at a cinema. RedFlix Tv gives you HD quality of non-stop action, drama, romance, crime and horror all in one app.

Version Info

NameRedFlix Tv (KingoTV)
Required4.4 +
Updated onDecember 31, 2021
Size8 MB

Download RedFlix Tv APK for Android, Fire Tv, Firestick and Boxes

When you finally decide to settle for RedFlix Tv as your streaming guide, you will be assured satisfaction. With a good internet connection, there’s literally no telling any difference between you, a RedFlix Tv user, and a cable subscriber. Some may say you have an upper advantage as the app allows you to make your own choice of preference.

RedFlix Tv is supportable by a variety of devices such as First 4K, FireStick, Android Boxes, NVIDIA Shield etc. This proves that the app does not violate any legal restrictions for apps used on such devices. It is a safe haven for entertainment and assures your device of safety when installing and using it as well.

Download the official version of RedFlix Tv APK below:




This app features are quiet same as FlixTv APK for Android devices, So, you can try out FlixTv if you have any problem with this android app.

  • A simple user-friendly UI
  • Telegram support
  • Live TV
  • Search option for your preferences
  • Worldwide support
  • High Definition streaming quality
  • Favorite option
  • Regular update checker
  • Simple yet unique design
  • Offline download option
  • Login Support.

Tv Shows


Catch up on your favorite popular TV shows or series on RedFlix Tv without missing out on any updates. Enjoy the thrilling ride of Indian romance with nonstop drama and all the spices added to make it more captivating. Famous world series are also available just in case you feel left out from the trending reality.

Live Sports


Entertain yourself with live sports and get up to date news on recent events and gossip. The world is your playground when you have RedFlix Tv installed onto your android device. Follow up on your favorite cricket or soccer team through the leagues and championships. Get top-class and accurate news channels live and on-air all at the comfort of your device.

I have a great recommendation in this segment which is ThopTv APK for watching live sports uninterruptedly.



Seem to be caught up with work? No need to worry because RedFlix Tv allows you to download your preferred media variety and watch them offline. This allows you to keep up with the drama on your screen while at the same time, focus on your work as well.

How to Install RedFlix Tv APK on Android?

It is available for anyone at only about 8 MBs on the developer’s site but is however absent on Google Playstore. Here are the steps you need to take when downloading RedFlix Tv APK on your android device.

  • Visit the developer’s site provided and ensure you have enough storage on your device.
  • Tap on the ‘download’ option and wait for the APK to be downloaded.
  • Before you install, the APK ensures that the installation permission for “unknown sources” is on from your settings and your anti-virus is disabled.
  • Tap on the RedFlix APK file to install the application.
  • Open the application and Accept their terms and conditions.
  • Allow the requested permissions for storage required by the app.
  • Livestream your favourite shows and enjoy unlimited access to thousands of entertainment options.

How to Install RedFlix TV on FireStick and Fire Tv 4K?

Installation of RedFlix Tv APK on FireStick devices requires some patience. Kindly keep it with you. And one thing is it may not be fully compatible with those devices, so, it may require mouse toggle for some features.

Step 1. Head over to the main settings of the fire stick.


Step 2. Now, navigate to the device option right there.


Step 3. Go to the developer options.


Step 4. Click on the Apps from unknown sources option.


Step 5. Turn on it to install APK’s from other websites.


Step 6. Hit the home button, and navigate to the Search icon there in the top menu.


Step 7. Enter downloader in the search space.


Step 8. Click on the Downloader from the suggestions.


Step 9. Install Downloader application to your fire stick or fire tv.


Step 10. Open Downloader application and allow storage permissions.


Step 11. Now, from the menu select settings and enable javascript to the browser.


Step 12. Select browser from the menu


Step 13. Enter this URL: in the search space and click on the Go button.


Step 14. Wait for a while until RedFlixTv apk gets downloaded.


Step 15. Click on the Install button.


Step 16. Click on the open button.


Step 17. You can click on Done button instead of the Open button to delete the downloaded APK file.

Step 18. In that case, you should go to the Apps & Channels section to find the RedFlixTv App.


Q1. How safe is RedFlix Tv?

RedFlix Tv is as safe as can be. With the many terms and conditions, one has to adhere to; it ensures that the site is used appropriately. It also enables users to be protected from rogue apps and misinformative files or inappropriate media. It is, therefore, safe for all ages.

Yes, RedFlix Tv is very legal. Their severability of terms is governed and constructed in accordance with the substantive laws of the United Kingdom. The app has legal rights to provide all that it has stated for its users and might face termination if it fails to do so.

Q3. How to update App?

Update RedFlix Tv by visiting our official site or you can directly download the update via the push notification. I recommend you to allow push notification service for fast updates.

Q4. Is RedFlix not working?

Mostly the reason behind this not working status is; either we updated our app or we lost our servers due to high amount of unexpected traffic. So, kindly keep patience while on the other side we working to sort it out.

Q5. How to download RedFlix Tv on FireStick or Fire Tv 4K?

Fire Stick and FireTv 4K are android based devices, So, RedFlix TV undoubtedly working on those devices irrespective to the generations. The download link is the same for them too, you can find it on our official download section.

Final Thoughts

RedFlix Tv is an IPTV that offers much more than what a cable subscription could. With many options beyond your imagination, one couldn’t possibly get to exhaust everything entailed in the app. New updates come in every day to ensure you stay entertained and don’t miss a single moment of what you love most. If you happen to find out that one of your most adored show or movies isn’t available, you can hit up the suggestion option and all will be sorted.

Life under entertainment has definitely evolved over the past few years. The Cable is being replaced by wireless options that offer much more than we could ever have pictured decades ago. Why struggle all your life and be forced to pay for your entertainment which is technically supposed to tone down the stress levels. With apps like RedFlix Tv, one can be assured that all their heart-warming desires are safe.

Now the application is free as the developers are getting along just well with the few donations and ads that pop up whenever you tend to open them up. Such ads should not trouble you as they are just a means of getting by and keeping the app alive.

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