Videoder Premium APK 14.5 Download Latest Version in {2022}

The best 4K and 8K Video Downloader for your android device and you can download Videoder Premium APK for free from this page. This is the modded APK doesn’t need any unlocker to get ad-free.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok… These and many more are some of the most popular millennial’s social entertainment in the 21st century.

People of all ages, not just the young and bold, seek after such social platforms to acquire up to date information and indulge themselves in the unlimited entertainment or educational media offered on such sites.

However, many a time, one would watch a video on such platforms that would capture their attention and hence seducing them into downloading it for safekeeping and reviewing. This is where the major problem tends to originate.

Some of these social entertainment sites or applications do not offer a download feature for its videos and thus forcing viewers and followers to download apps referred to as video downloaders.

Sadly, one may make lots of effort and waste more time before stumbling onto the perfect video downloader. This is because many of these apps claim to have the ability to download online or videos from social platforms.

But once you install them, the truth reveals itself in plain sight that they only work with a small number of specific sites. This is where Videoder premium APK comes in to save you from all your media troubles.


What is Videoder Premium APK?

Introducing the popular Videoder Premium APK, a video downloader that allows you to download and store any kind of videos from such social/entertainment platforms or sites. What’s more, is that this pro application supports a wide variety of well-known social applications/sites and thus provides you with a wide range of options.

The app also gives its users exposure to unknown or less popular sites that may act as a better alternative in the case that the media you’re looking for isn’t available on those other sites.

The best part, however, is that, in case you lack storage on your device, you can always stream the videos and watch them online through the app without any advertisements.

Explore major social platforms like Instagram or twitter and download as many videos as you want. Log in to your favourite movie or anime sites and use videoder pro to a stream of saving the media for future viewing in case you’re caught up with something.

Videoder Premium APK is the solutions to all your media problems as it gives you the ad-free experience of a lifetime with high-quality 4K and 8K videos that you may have a hard time downloading from other apps.

Version Info

NameVideoder Premium
Size11 MB
DeveloperRahul Verma
Last UpdatedJanuary 09, 2022

Download Videoder Premium APK for Android

Videoder Premium APK is proud to stand with over 40 million downloads on Android devices worldwide and is currently very popular with YouTube downloads. Initially, the app was just like any other video downloader, only structured for one platform, which was YouTube. However, over time, the developers expanded its support configuration and currently over 1000+ sites claim functionality with this app.

This app is packed with extreme modern features that will be sure to seduce your interests into giving it a try.

Videoder ad-free application is available for your android device with a storage capacity of only 10 MBs from the link below.



Not only is it one of the most powerful YouTube downloaders, but it also works just as well with other social sites and offers spectacular features that will drive you to question your sanity for choosing any other application.

Such unique features include:

10x faster download speeds

faster download speeds

The app uses numerous network connections to increase download speeds for your videos. Also, it allows you to adjust the number of connections in accordance with your network quality to acquire the maximum speeds available.

Easily download 4K & 8K videos

Easily download 4K & 8K videos on videoder premium

Who in this lifetime can actually endure blurry 140p viewing characteristics? It is always better when everything is clearer and in high definition. Videoder Premium APK allows you to stream or download 4K videos and even cast them onto your ultra HD screens to watch.

Unlimited fun themes to choose from

Unlimited fun themes to choose

Videoder allows you to customize the appearance of the app based on your own preferences. One can use any preset themes or choose a favourable colour from the offered pallet. Your comfortability with the design is well accommodated and respected.

Download YouTube playlists in an instant

Download YouTube playlists in an instant

With a single tap on your screen, one is able to download any YouTube playlist whether or not it is offered for download on the site or not. Select the videos you would like to download or to save time, drag and select as many as you can download them all at once.

Availability of an inbuilt browser with an Ad blocker

inbuilt browser with an Ad blocker

An in-app browser makes it easier to download videos from any preferred site without any interruptions from rogue ads. When the app detects a video or media a download popup will appear for your convenience.

A quick download tool

Videoder quick download tool

When you may be in a rush, this feature allows you to download the videos without having to wait for the links to load.

Night mode

night mode

Recommended for AMOLED screens, this feature makes it easier for you to use the app at night while protecting your eyes from irregular screen brightness.

Cover art/album & audio tag editor

album & audio tag editor

The app allows you to organize your entire music library, set the original cover albums and add mp3 tags hence bringing life to your music.


When you copy a link of any media file from the in-built browser, the videoder download popup automatically dictates it and appears.

Batch downloading


Videoder Premium APK has the ability to download any media files at once using top speeds, unlike other apps that require you to download one at a time.

Download videos from over 1000+ sites


Download videos from popular sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Hotstar and many more with new sites being added every week as per user requests.

Supports Major Platforms


Yes, It supports Windows and Mac OS along with the popular mobile OS Android. But we only provide ad-free mod apk for android devices.

What does Videoder Pro offer?

Apart from being just a video downloading application Videoder Pro also offers extra unique features to help you get up to date events and explore entertainment at its latest updates without being left behind while you await your downloads.

Such extras include:

  • No Advertisements.
  • News from top-class sites and stations equipped with the necessary videos.
  • Trending topics on the latest social activities for your enjoyment.
  • Sports at its best with live coverage of videos for your upkeep.
  • Live TV airing of channels such as educational projects or documentaries and even news.
  • Gaming videos to help you beat that high score that’s been bothering you.
  • Up to date and newly released music that’s entertaining and popular.
  • The app even allows you to sign in to it using your YouTube account.

How to install Videoder premium APK on android?

  • Download the APK from our download section.
  • Once downloaded, tap the install button after allowing the installing of apps from ‘unknown sources’ in your settings.
  • Complete installation and open the app.
  • Download your favourite songs and videos using the in-built app browser available.
  • If you want to download 8K video from YouTube, then follow the below procedure.
  • Head over to search bar and search for the 8K video.
  • Select the Video and resolution 4320P. That’s all you can do. Now, it will start downloading the .webm file.

Final thoughts

With over 1000+ sites available for use with Videoder premium APK, there is no reason for you not to explore and enjoy the world of entertainment. This mod APK is completely ad-free and without having any virus or malware.

Videoder will get you all that you need when it comes to media files and what’s more, it will offer you a chance to drive through and keep up with the world using up to date news and stories.

It is definitely an ‘all in one’ application overshadowing all others that claim to work mi racles. This is definitely an app you’d want to go get.

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