Way2News Mod APK 8.1 Download Latest (Ad-Free) 2022

Are you looking for daily news content that will keep you up to date with the latest information because you don’t have the time to do so yourself? If so, you would need to download a news app that offers all the features and information you may need. However, some of these applications don’t have enough content or maybe full of ads and pop-ups, making it annoying to get your information from such platforms. Some apps can provide users with a better news source experience, and the Way2News Mod APK is one.

What is Way2News Mod APK?

Way2News Mod APK Is considered one of India’s top news applications because it delivers short and local news on local events. You can access content 24/7 with information covered from all environments and topics such as health, fashion, beauty, sports, trends, horoscopes, business, and every other content you may need.

This mod version comes with an ad-free experience and you can read the news without any hesitation. That is the only modification we have done in this application. It also supports Indian languages such as Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam & Kannada.

Version Info

NameWay2News Mod
Size10 MB
Last updatedOctober 05, 2022

Download the Way2News Mod APK for Android

You can access the basic version of Way2News APK from Play Store. However, the basic version comes with tons of ads. If you’re looking for a better experience, you can use the link provided below to download the Way2News Mod APK and remove all ads.

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No Ads


Keep yourself up to date with the latest news that comes without any ads. We all know how most news applications come with many pop-ups and banners that disrupt our time on the platform. Some of these ads are image or video ads that pop up in the middle of the reading context, making us agitated and irritated. With the Way2News Mod, you can access your favorite news content for free and with the ad-free experience.

Trackers Removed


When reading news content from various applications, they are usually third-party sites that try tracking you. Some of these sites collect your data and cookies, which is a violation of the privacy policy. Using the Way2News Mod APK as your number one news application ensures that you are not being tracked because the tracker has been removed. Your personal information will always be safe, and you won’t have to worry about other malicious sites or people stealing your info.

Awesome recommendations


When you’re using an app to read or watch anything, it tends to recommend other content similar to your viewing preferences. Similarly, if you like sports, our recommendations will bring you the latest and hottest tending topics. If you’re a fan of news, then we recommend inspiring articles to read of events happening around you. Always find something new with the Way2News Mod application.

Local news


Way2News Mod APK provides users with articles of local news happening around them. Get to know everything taking place in your region and be informed as everyone else is. The app is full of news content to read and is constantly updated to keep every user in the know.



Doing business requires one to keep in touch with the world around them and understand how any changes will affect their businesses. Therefore, the Way2News Mod APK provides users with the latest business news to keep them in touch with the prices of various stocks and shares in the region and other related content.



Nothing beats reading about the thing you love most, and most men are into sports. With the Way2News Mod APK, you can get all the sports updates and everything taking place around your favorite game in the region. If you never had time to catch the game, you can always rely on Way2News Mod APK to give you the highlights of the game and the many opinions of those involved.


way2news entertainment

Way2News Mod APK helps you keep up with the latest entertainment updates, celebrity gossips, upcoming movies, and trending topics all over the Indian entertainment industry. Never miss any action and drama because the app’s content is always up to date. You can even catch news headlines from content that you missed days ago. Just type the topic in the search bar.


way2news videos

Catch videos of various dramatic events, trending clips in society, and everything related to the news in the region. Watch sports highlights from quality videos provided to you.

Digital Magazine


If you’re a magazine fanatic, you can get your daily dose of digital magazines on the topics of your choice. These magazines cover a wide range of niches from health, beauty, business, automotive, sports, lifestyle to fashion, entertainment, travel, and technology. Everything that excites you about a magazine will be provided to you with the Way2News Mod APK.

Final Words

Suppose you’re looking for a news app that delivers updated content quickly and easily. In that case, you need the Way2News Mod APK on your Android device. Don’t settle for a news application that delivers content inefficiently. Download the latest version of Way2News Mod APK today and enjoy news from all around you.

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