Freezer APK 0.6.14 [Download Deezer Music]

Yes, music can be the only sane things that hold people together. It has made such a significant significance on this earth that nobody can imagine life without it. Unless, of course, you don’t like any music and prefer the cold silence that can drive someone insane. Many applications allow people to download music, but only a few can provide quality content. Furthermore, only a handful of this software let you download the original tracks and albums along with their designated cover image from the Deezer, and the Freezer APK is one of them.


What is Freezer APK?

Have you ever heard of Deezer? It’s a music platform like Spotify that grants you access to a wide variety of music content from around the world. The only downside is that you cannot stream music in its highest quality or download it offline without upgrading to the app’s premium version. However, the Freezer APK serves to break such limits by granting users free and unlimited access to downloads and high-quality streams. You don’t need the Deezer Premium version to get VIP features.

Version Info

NameFreezer – Deezer Downloader
DeveloperFrancesco C
Size15 MB
Last updated onJanuary 08, 2022

Download Freezer APK Latest Version for Android

The Freezer APK is a superb Deezer downloader with a broad range of music content. You can only download it from third-party sites or the official Freezer website and explore its beautiful features such as popular podcasts, music charts from around the world, and even the chance to import playlists from Spotify. Download the latest version of Freezer APK from the link provided below.

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Freezer Downloads Music with Album Cover

Freezer Downloads Music with Album Cover

Downloading a song for free is quite lovely. However, it cannot be compared to downloading the same song for free and with the original album cover. I always feel like a track or album isn’t complete if it doesn’t come with the image cover, and I wouldn’t enjoy it. It might sound crazy, but that’s just how it is, you know? And probably several of you feel the same way: ladies and gentlemen, the Freezer APK. Not only does it offer free high-quality downloads, but also the opportunity to get the original album cover as a bonus.

Import Spotify Playlists


Many people are hooked on Spotify. However, while the app has proven to be exquisite at providing good music content such as playlists, downloading them for free and into your phone’s library has proven difficult. I have a favorite playlist on Spotify and am sure others do too. A nostalgic list of songs that always puts you in a good mood. Luckily, with the Freezer APK, you don’t have to forget about your playlist because the app allows you to import them directly from your Spotify account. The best part is you don’t even need to login into Spotify to do so.



We’ve all gotten to the point whereby we don’t know what we want or need to listen to. Sometimes, we crave something new, something that can keep the flow going. In the search menu of Freezer APK, you can find the “Flow” feature that allows you to play songs that may seem random to you but was selected to keep the flow going song after song. Here, you get to explore a variety of genres from different regions, timelines, generations and cultures put together to keep you entertained.



Maybe you want something popular. With the charts, you can find excellent music content that has been dominating different regions. I’m sure you’re familiar with popular charts such as the “top 100 world” or “top 100 USA.” However, there are many other charts to explore that contain popular content you had no idea about—some of which you are guaranteed to enjoy. Who knows, you might enjoy listening to songs in a foreign language to yours. All you need is to pick out a different chart from the ones you’re used to, like “top 100 Germany” or France. You can also find trending songs in other regions, most-streamed albums, and popular playlists worldwide. Your options are limitless with the Freezer APK.

Music by Genre


To clearly enjoy music, you need to explore your options. It would be best if you listened to genres beyond your regular playlist. You are sure to find something exciting you never expected to enjoy. The Freezer APK offers over 20+ genres to choose from Pop, Rap, Indie, R&B, Jazz, Reggae, Rock and Classical, to name a few. If you’re a Rap fan, you might also enjoy rock without realizing it. Trying something new gives us the chance to appreciate diversity in music, and this application provides users with just that.

Music by Mood


While you might a favorite type of genre, your mood can change on any day. You might be having a slow and sad day and don’t exactly know what to listen to because you’re only used to energetic electronic tunes. However, the Freezer app allows you to stream music based on your mood. Every track is specially selected for the right type of mood it portrays when played. Clap along to exciting tunes of happiness or sing along to sad songs when you’re feeling down.

Music by Theme

The Freezer APK goes a step further to provide users with playlists based on their current themes. If you’re working out and need those beast mode tunes that’ll turn up the heat, the app has got you sorted. If you’re in bed and about to sleep or don’t feel like getting up, there’s a specific playlist designed for such a theme. When you’re throwing a party or in the mood for one, there’s a “party” theme playlist that you and your friends can enjoy in the car on your way to the club. Even if you’re just chilled at home with nothing to do and nowhere to go, there’s a playlist dedicated for you in such environments.

Final Words

“Music is the soundtrack of your life…” So, find a source that can keep your life interesting with quality music around the world. Download the Freezer APK today and enjoy the different forms of art that music diversity can offer you in life.

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